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vote for DT awakening buff time

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    Nvm just realise there is that option 🙈


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      Yeah well who knows why those 2 ppl voted that way, but Yavol made a youtube video about him quitting rappelz 1 month ago, so i guess this is just "i don't give a fuck anymore so i just vote no haha" ill intent voting.

      By now they should be able to say if they talked or want to talk about this with the devs.

      But look at this post in the german forum

      Piccolo says there:

      Sadly it's true, Nazgul leaving left a gap that can't be filled without communication from Gala.

      We hope it will get better with time, if it does, you will learn it first.

      So long,

      So i guess right now, there is just no channel at all to request such a change... boring times ahead.


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        Would be nice for pet classes to be able to summon 3rd pet for 10 seconds as well! So we could also have and keep up DT buff with out having to use pet refresh scroll every 8 minutes.


        • AceVentura
          AceVentura commented
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          I like this idea "

        • Kenshin
          Kenshin commented
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          This would just benefit pet classes.... If the DT buff is over 1 hour long, you'd only need to scroll pets every hour. Combining both changes is a good idea. Adding this change alone, isn't.

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        Obviously this is needed

        but a simpler solution could be to include dt buff in refresh scrolls. this would solve both the qol and pet class issue in one go.

        it could also include any 30+ min class self buffs [30+ mins to not include any buff like vm's self buffs]

        These mechanisms are in place already it just takes a little initiative and a minimal amount of work from the gms
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        • Lamalas
          Lamalas commented
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          That would make the difference between those that have HV passes and those who don't even bigger then it already is.
          I'm guessing that it's simpler to just increase the duration time.

        • UnderTheInfluence
          UnderTheInfluence commented
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          If you add it to refresh scrolls then pets would get dt buff also when you are using pet refresh scroll. So thats not a solution. Only thing they have to do is go to the database and change 8 min number to 60 and save it

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        The simplest solution is just adjust the buff timer, that one line of code. They should also do it for the gnoll reflective shield buff and then my templar won't spend quite so long stopping, summoning pets and redoing these tedious but necessary buffs.
        Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


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          Hello everyone, we have passed this suggestion to Gala and they are discussing about this change.


          • Anto
            Anto commented
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            awesome!, thank you Syr that’s great news to hear.

          • JustBrowsing98
            JustBrowsing98 commented
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            Excellent news- now let's hope they remember the gnoll buff time as well as the DT. Two less things to stop for every couple of minutes will be great!

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          Would be even easier if all char based buffs/selfbuffs could be implemented into that refresh scrolls like hitsu suggested (dt, gnoll, golem, unicorn, octo, bp, siren... ) as well as the selfbufs (temp, void, merc, corr, de, slayer, mm... so if i use gear for void and slefbuff myself with all at once that could save so much effort and enjoy the gameplay alot more without need of constant gear swapping lol.. "
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            SyrHQ just wondering if there has been any word about DT time getting boosted. If maybe it was gonna get added with the new pets? All this covid 19 stuff has been crazy so understand any delays on new stuff being added to the game. Thanks, hope everyone is staying safe.


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              There is an update on the KTS that finally increased the duration of DT Buff and Gnoll Buff as well.

              DT Buff level: 1 --> 5
              DT Buff duration: 300s * Skill level

              Gnoll Buff duration: 600 + (30 * Skill level)

              Lets see how long it will take for this to come to live servers.


              • Kenshin
                Kenshin commented
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                Useless 25 mins still make it so pet classes can't use it while the rest can. And annoyance wise they only halved it, didn't remove it. Gnoll buff is w.e but at least the DT buff could have been made 1 hr long. Not like it hasn't been done before in other places.....

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              Dont want to sound like a bitch, but these buffs are supposed to be a boost and not mandatory, next thing you want is PW gears to increase all skills by +1 aswell ~ stop beeing a headless chicken who only wants to press 1 button for an hour, if you want the benefit you have to tolerate the downsides, or simply not use it ~ yes it suxx for petclasses, boohoo, but since you are a petclass, your pets are supposed to be the focus and not your char, that +1 lvl on all skills isnt mandatory to play the game.


              • Sunali
                Sunali commented
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                Oh how dare we want some more convenience and finally make the DT buff usable for pet classes.
                Damn you are right i don't want to press only 1 button for an hour, how can i turn this off? is there a hidden difficulty or +more content setting in game?
                This game can already be played by "headless chickens" 1 hour DT buff won't change anything besides it being more convenient.
                But who cares anyways, they won't change it even if clearly a majority of players want it.
                And if they finally do, there's nothing to be happy about considering how long everything takes.

                Trying to explain to people how to play this game haha, it's so deep and difficult.
                And yes somehow they should start to change PW gear and other stuff, not like you suggested but the system is too old. At this rate the game won't get any new players and it's only getting harder and harder for them to start.
                But i guess they are still happy with the money they make with Rappelz.
                i hate non official servers with a passion but even they do way more for content,convenience,bugfixes and even have more players. it's embarrassing.

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              Congratulations on an accurate assessment of the situation in this topic and bold suggestions for "chickens"


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                Allow a pet class to summon a 3rd pet for 8 seconds. OMG, problem solved.


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                  Thank you gala for giving us longer duration on dt and gnoll buffs!