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    Hello dear Community!

    I gathered a few Ideas from you guys and myself for GALA to implement. Tell me what you think about them.
    This Thread is supposed to present ideas that do not take long to implement. Simple and fast things that make the Game better for you. That's what we should focus on.

    - Scarecrows

    HP need to be raised by 5 times at least.

    - Death Tyrant Buff

    Buff needs to be extended to 30min/1hour/1hour15min

    - Pieces etc.

    Instead of 2 Hours need to be turned into 1 hour versions. Half the time= half the price.
    If there are 1 hour Stamina savers, why not pieces?

    - Quest Coin Rewards

    Like i said earlier this day in discord: Bpoc's are a thing we need to play the Game. Make them available 24/7 for a good amount of coins or maybe via Daily Quests.
    Also other item's could be added there. Feel free to post ideas.

    - Holic/Deco

    Make deco weapons buyable in the Holic shop
    Make T1-T3 Equipmentboxes available in the Holic shop (LvL150-160 EQ) -> Easier for newbies


    Reduce weight on consumable's and massdrops

    - Deva's blessing

    Already part of the essential things to use, this item should be available in another daily quest. That way you could at least do a full dungeon party a day with deva's blessing.


    Turn down rupee drops in higher levels and turn them up in lower levels. Helps newbies and helps agains inflation.
    If people want to generate money there still is the option to farm non dura equipment and sell that.

    - Dragons nest

    White steel farming is a cool idea, please decrease the size of the Black dragons, You can't see anything.

    - Auctionhouse

    White steel needs to be sellable via AH (you can sell it but nobody see's it)
    Add a Boss card Tab

    - Devildom

    GFMB can't be traded upon death, WTH?

    That's just a few things.
    Have a good day everybody
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    # Finalize the class balance, get Nazgul back if noone is able to do it


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      - More Webzen feedback would also be great
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        I agree with most, but not with the inflation, because prices have been fairly stable for the last few years. In fact, I'd argue we are having more of a DE-flation now then an inflaction.
        There are exceptions of course like TP jewels and boss cards, but that's because the demand decreases over time (as more and more people get their collection boss cards).

        Also, what do you mean with Holic shop?


        • Realize
          Realize commented
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          Hey there! Sorry for the late response. I am talking about huntaholic points that you get via quests or ursa. the witchquest gives you quite a lot of those points and you do not really have anything to spend them on. and about the deflation: you might be right on that one. but i still dislike the fact that everything costs billions and not millions anymore. lower numbers are appreciated by me at least

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        Yes please to everting on that list. The community is giving ideas on what they want now it’s webzen/galas turn to act.


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          Thank you for those ideas.

          We will send those to the developers once we discussed them.


          • Realize
            Realize commented
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            Thank you for the answer. i appreciate that!

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          Klaig classrebalance for MB


          • Brunohsantos
            Brunohsantos commented
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            developers don't care about master breeder and your players.

          • Fainewedd
            Fainewedd commented
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            Apparently, our number is too small.

            Not enough people care = nothing will change