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Lack of Gears for New toons/people

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  • Lack of Gears for New toons/people

    I've noticed there seems to be less and less 160 gear for sale on AH or in flea, making it harder and harder for new players or toons to find the basic gear they need for their toons at 160.

    This is fairly easily solved, all Webzen need to do is rather than only have BPOC on sale every now and then, have it in the CS all the time so there is supply in the market- and they will sell more.

    Skill cards on the other hand, not so bad as people seems to be able to make dozens of +5s easily these days (not me, I can fail to make a single one from 500 +1..).
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    they get +5 from the altar, I myself tried to get one +7 out of 1000+ cards and ended up with max +5... these rates are... not very good


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      This is a direct consequence of the nerf they did on the UGs exp.
      Most players had reached 170+ and moved on to ROA or DD and they dont bother to look back at CC or PW to get gear, therefore nothing to sell.
      And i dont blame em for moving on, leveling from MC to 160 without UGs is a real pain in the ass, who would want to pass for that hell willingly?
      Enough hell is getting ROA or even worst DD parties.


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        +1 cards needed (avg.) +1 cards needed (avg.)
        +2 70% 2.85714
        +3 60% 9.52381
        +4 50% 38.0952
        +5 40% 190.47619 190.47619
        +6 30% 60% 1 269.8412 635,333333
        +7 25% 55% 10 158.73 2 310.30303
        +8 20% 50% 101 587.3 9 241.21212
        +9 15% 45% 1 355 377.78 41 072.0538
        +10 10% 40% 27 089 947.1 205 360.269
        (without reusing the cards you get from failing)
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        • JaimeLannister
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          I didn't want this to end in a discussion on enhancement rates...they're not up for debate anyway
          Realize How I got to these rates?
          1. Gala released them
          2. They're in the game files
          3. I enhanced more skill cards than you ever owned.
          (And by the way, as I've already mentioned in a previous answer, my personal results exactly match the predictions, in very large sample sizes.)
          "Tyvm for the try though", moron

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          JaimeLannister Gala released them? aha. got you queef ah i mean chief

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          I'd like to introduce you guys to the law of large numbers. Wikipedia has an explanation even math newbies can understand.

          Also - private servers have for a while now had source codes for rappelz servers. These are accessible through them.

          I'd also just be grateful lennart went through the time and effort if I still played this game?

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        BlueCloud. Levelling to 160 is easy. All you need to do is level normally to 150 (sanc then toa HM) using basic r5 and r6 gears, it's not hard. THEN start red farm. Then after you hit MC you are already much closer to 160. then do ice maiden chain, then vulc chain (do every room in vulc, and use the pots you got for free!) and finally start UG quests.

        I reached 160 in 3 days without even trying, and without using two of the 4 UG stage 1 and 2 quest lines.

        Jaime, the issue, as I said, isn't really about skill cards (even if we disagree on rates).

        The issue is the lack of gear availability. Probably doesn't help that people prefer to get plvld these days rather than actually play the game- then they run into the exp wall in DD and quit after 175...

        But the issue stands, there is a lack of new gears coming on the market and this isn't helped by the lack of BPOC. If BPOC was a permanent fixture in the CS then new players could try and get their own and more might be tempted to farm PW to improve their own gears too, which would lead to better cs sales for the company.

        As I have said for years, the artificial scarcity of cs items doesn't help the game longer term nor does it help Webzen's bottom line.
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