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  • DT buff

    I’m bring this up again cause it needs to be updated. I know we talked and voted on this before but can we really get more time added to the DT awakening? 30mins, 45mins or 1hr 15mins.

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    pet classes shall be given a way to use this too even if we don't choose to have a dt as pet permanently summoned. Du to the CD of the skill and the loss of the Buffs, this is currently not feasible for any pet class at all.


    • Hunter
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      tank + heal pets, solved

    • Fainewedd
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      thats stupid, and you know it

    • Kenshin
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    So when is this going to be added? Tons of players have asked for this for ages, but I see no interest in the mods pushing this to the GMs, or the GMs to the devs.


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      Since devs seems to be on mood to help us adding Quality of Life features, i think this minor change on the DT buff will be VERY helpful, for us loyal players.


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        For the love of anything holy. YES! Between self buffs, dt buff, gnoll buff and God know what pieces I am popping. Just change the time on DT buff already.


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          Yes. Very immersion breaking as well as a real pain having to try and summon a DT whilst tanking, then a gnoll. Bad enough having to stop to swop armors to renew other buffs that are 8-10 minutes , with DT as well it just becomes a pain. Then an annoyance.
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