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Adapting the potions / chips / fragments /

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  • Adapting the potions / chips / fragments /

    Hey Guys

    german rappelz forum/ voting

    my english is not the best but i hope you guys understand this xD

    if we get enough votes gm will send this to galalab

    Adapting the potions / chips / fragments /

    Our suggestion:

    Put the whole food down for a single hour.
    (Current chips fragments, etc. run 2 hours)

    Solution: 1

    Double 2 hours of potions / chips / fragments of people and put them in 1 hour, and add new purchased potions fragments chips, from the shop to adjust to one hour, and adjust each item number.

    Solution: 2

    Leave old potions chips fragments at 2 hours, and adjust new purchased potions fragments Chips from the store to an hour and adjust each item number.

    thx you guys
    Yes change to 1 hour!
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    Did the GM really say this cause I made a vote about increasing the DT awaken buff for 30 minutes and nothing ever happened, maybe I should of asked for 1hr lolWhat are fragments? So you want stuff like wind potions to be 2hrs?
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    • Fainewedd
      Fainewedd commented
      Editing a comment
      you really didn't understand it...

      We want to cut the 2h pieces down to 1h and double the existing amount in each inventory.
      This would allow, to make 1h dps without wasting the other half of the time when not enough people are willing to do 2h runs