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  • Rappelz like before ?

    Hello Rappelz Community,

    Like many of you I played rappelz when it was under Gpotato... Recently I have missed re-playing rappelz.. As I have grown older I have moved on from best graphics to best content type of game and to me rappelz is one of those.

    So i have restarted playing and loved it at first. But then I met a player that told me what was new and rushed me in 1H to level 90. Something that should have taken time and hard work in the past... And I hated every minute of it.

    To me Rappelz was :

    - Teamplay, Teamplay and Teamplay
    - DP looking for ...
    - Know your class
    - Always work on your gear
    - Use your pets
    - Leveling-up takes time

    And now with those buffs available to players to be able to solo play, it had lost what I loved BUT here is where Webzen has been smart... It's a buff so we have a choice, we can still play as close to as it used to be by not taking them.

    I understand that because the population is so low they had to come out with something but to me at least it's not what I wanna play.

    So I am looking for though players, that remember that nothing was given to them in rappelz, that from level 20 to 70 you had to work hard for it and enjoyed crushing the mobs...

    Is anyone up to take this rid with me ?

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    Welcome Back!

    Originally posted by Hektorre View Post
    - Teamplay, Teamplay and Teamplay
    - DP looking for ...
    This is still true, most classes cant advance without a DP, however, the times when everyone in the party had to add something to the team, like Damage Dealer, and when Healers had an actual job to do.... those time are long gone and forgotten.

    Nowadays you have to find a highly pimped and OPed Merc willing to run ya tru ROA, set follow on him and..and... that's it.

    Originally posted by Hektorre View Post
    - Know your class
    - Always work on your gear
    - Use your pets
    This is still true, however you dont have to worry, at all, for gear or knowing ur class until u hit Master Class.

    - Leveling-up takes time <<- Thank god they fixed that, taking months just to hit Rank 4?? are you out of ur mind???

    However you said it clear, want it rough and dirty?? get a fresh Hawk the go face the dungeon mobs UN-BUFFED.
    If you do that, then you:
    1. Die a lot.
    2. Will take months to hit Master Class.
    3. Wont find any DP cuz no one bother forming DPs for anything below ROA.


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      Hello BlueCloud,

      Is it that bad that it takes time ? What is the need to rush to masterclass ? And it's not that long. I restarted 4 days ago and i am level 96.

      by rushing so much I just feel like we are missing the core experience of the game.

      If anyone feels like re-rolling the way i 100% in to at least try.


      • UnderTheInfluence
        UnderTheInfluence commented
        Editing a comment
        In my opinion the rushing is all about that from lvl80 (since u need that for jlv40) to 150 there is nothing in between, no new skills to entertain the player. Also if you don't have anyone to play with, then you get bored. You can't really progress in terms of gears, because they are completly usless until 160 in armor and until 170 in weapons. So i guess thats wh most people 'rush' MC or rather 160..

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      Hello under,

      Regarding the skills comments I disagree I mean there are already enough and once again it's not like exactly before where it took months to level up. The experience gain is way bigger. The only thing i wanna do is doing it "properly" ? I don't wanna solo Abhuva when I am level 150 with my 150 level pet, what's the point ?

      Regarding the gear, it's not useless if you level up the way I do. I need to be stuffed to progress. I found another player that feels the same way so I guess I won't be alone after all.

      Finally, it's just rerolling the idea is you could still have your main and just on the side have this little project.

      Anyway I am really having fun doing it like that. Yesterday I actually crossed a player in Palmir doing the samething.

      I mean honesly if people come back to rappelz is because of nostalgia not for the story, the graphisme etc..

      To me playing Rappelz the way it's currently in, it s like playing Dark Souls with a hacked character (again to me). I just feel like I am cheating all the time with those buff on. I am suppose to die in rappelz, I am suppose to feel that it's not doable until I actually make it

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        I, for one, liked how slow progression used to be. You had to invest a good amount of time into getting anywhere and it really made you feel like you EARNED your advancement. Now I guess I wouldn't have time to put into the game anyway, so I suppose there is a benefit to faster progression.