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  • worth a shot?

    I've played off and on since like e3? Is the game completely dead? Is there any shot of getting anywhere these days without dropping a ton of money into the game? I imagine theres nothing left on my account, since I gave stuff away when I stopped last time, so is a fresh start even worth the attempt?

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    I was in your shoes. I'm playing for around a year now and i have a pretty well built char without the use of cash shop So yes it is worth it if you want to discover the game again At the moment... well yea not a ton of ppl playing, but i think you should start making your char since the next event will be halloween probably a lot of ppl coming back for that and then the follow-up events were awsome last year and can give you a kickstart Overall if u put in the time you can compete with the cs shoppers even! Feel free to pm me if you have any question
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      Same here, and i also came from e3, only that in my case i had to start fresh due my account got hacked.

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    If your coming back you couldn't of picked a better time. It is event season, so makeing cash is way easyer.