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  • update info on skill tree and class

    Hello, i'm thinking of returning in to the game (i love rappelz's pet system) but a lot has changed since i left. I would like to know what the current status of the various classes / skills is. I played with Temp, master breed and sin, but now I would like to try long distance pg: between dd and vm which is the most suitable for pve solo? in my time the vm was op, but now I has benn nerfd , I'd like to try the dd but I can't find update information on his skills (there is an interactive post but now it is obsolet). Ultimately: the dd is a good pg for solo with equip +21/22? does it survives enough? compared to templar and sin, is it more or less indicated?
    Is there now a cleary op class?

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    Hello! Try this, since this is the last expansion.(But my suggestion is to check the Devildoom 2 intro post too) and also this one because this was the last stuff about class balance and skill changes.

    For solo play with avarage gear (around +22) i would suggest 1. merc since it's insanely broken with even low gears 2. slayer cause strong and later on it has the potential of solo everything(quite pricy cause everybody is a slayer wannabe) 3. vm until a certain point it is really strong but pricy, after a certain point it is unable to solo everything( in reasonable time). 4.corr with late game build is also capable of solo s6.
    Or just go OL it will be a lot bigger investment, but at the end it pays off (also capable of solo s6 with reasonable time also with late game eqip)

    Note: personal opinions but pretty much thats the cause in reality

    So my advice is: in the long run go for slayer/corr but for that u will need more like 23/24 is gears to be good enough to solo stuff(dd s4+). For +20-22 gear i would suggest merc, since it's op atm


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      can't find the patch note with the changes for OL skill
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    Thanks for the answer. I'd like OL since i love rappelz for the pets!!! OL with avarage gear (+21/2) is still good for "not very end" game (like roa or from lv 160 to 175) ? How much and where (pg's gear, nice pet, pet's gear, etc) should i invest in OL ?
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      Send me a pm so we can spare others haha ^^ but with +21/22 gears i'm sure you can do roa pretty fast ^^


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        hi, i tried send you a pm, but i couldn't (internal system error ?!?), so i ask here: do you haveany suggestion on where to focus my money to build a good overlord? maybe not too much relate on the ol (like specific skill awaked in armor etc.), but something that can easy be trasfered to other pg (i'd hate to spend time and rupee for something worth nothing in the next epic
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        sorry for late response, yep it's bugged . hmm what u need for ol is : Blood synergy set on pw armor. i would sugggest 2x tank pet (humans for dd s3 and s4) (mecha for s5 and s6) the pets use spear so as you ^^ so 3x spear, Bs pw set for start and tank pets ^^ also aim for p.atk +str on ur ol because blood synergy converts it to ur pets.*
        But there is plenty more

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      I saw in the patch note that now crossbow is a 1h weapon and so dd can have 2 of them, and the atk spd cap has been reworked : is dd now a good pg? has he a good survivability (maybe with hector card in the belt) ?
      also, why do you think OL is better than MB ? doesn't OL lack some heals ?


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        OL heal skill have been improved greatly and since they also have a TP aoe hot the OL can now keep their pets and themselves alive very easily without needing a healing pet.