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    So what's going on with death gladiators in dd s6 final room how come they don't move at all .I haven't done dd for over month and now I'm back and this is new afteryou kill Reviac and spawn Death Gladitors they don't move about anymore which makes harder to have 4 attempts per run to tame .Is that your way of encouraging ppl to do citadel (fail dungeon )?by the way get rid of that silly bidding system on citadel and make at least us to be able to enter once a day

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    They do move, just tamed one yesterday.
    You kill reviac and the adds then they spawn, you wait till they at least abit move afterwards you creep to one of them with wasd on max range that only one comes.
    he comes you tame and repeat the process....


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      Well they don't move not that I have noticed but same day I made that post alone how to tame them now exactly like you just said


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        you can pull them one by one, but I don't think it is worth it. the tame rate is utterly broken, there are people with more than 400 fails since the "patch". I have 120+ fails for now and don't know anyone who has proven to have one tamed after this patch.


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          ONLY TAME IN THE CITADEL! NO JOKE, dont try DD!


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            I tame quite few in DD I think more then in citadel but then again citadel is only 1 run per week DD is open all the time