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  • Pking

    since I can't submit a ticket i'll just post it here, all i'm trying to do is farm steel but all I get is pked 24/7 every hour it seems by the same guild.

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    Unless your In a Dungeon or near a Portal npc your screwed


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      LOL there nothin you can do about it really. You could always go to unicorn


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        I think its funny, you would go pk random people but as soon as people start to do the same shizzle to you, you wanna cry.. Karma bruh...


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          Are you saying you are there 24/7? Doesn’t your toon sleep?

          and it’s really not worth the effort of farming for white steel for weeks to get 120 p att......

          having said that The only reason I can think of that the devs put it there was for people to be troll Pkd. Otherwise there are plenty of other spaces such as adding s5 to ugs and making it drop there
          Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


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            Many players want to farm and devs made only 1 place (Gee..thanks!), therefore.... FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO FARM. or go Unicorn ;-p


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              On the PVP servers expect a PK at anytime anywhere. I was told that by a former GM.

              If it's in a portal area and your toon gets PKed, you can lodge a ticket as PKing at portals is against the TOS.

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