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Worth deleting old toons for the leveling items?

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  • Worth deleting old toons for the leveling items?

    As a returning player that was around a very long time ago, my main is a 162 berserker. It has a bound loot pet that I'm pretty fond of, but since I came back I've just been running new toons to master class. I was wanting to level up my berserker now that the max level is so much higher than it was, but it was made before they started giving all these amplifiers and chipping mobs 1 at a time seems very daunting after playing with amps. And the price of cash shop items these days makes the 5 free growth pots for 151-170 look pretty good too..

    I played the most around the time of the release of the first witch quest. I've come back off and on, but mostly just for events or to run new toons through quests. I'm not even sure what a lot of the items are used for. I'm pretty sure the level itself isn't worth keeping, I can get back to 162 in a few days (1-158 on mercenary in 2 days), but the bound items I DO have make me unsure about it.

    Some bound items won't go into the warehouse so by deleting the character, I'd be losing:
    1-4x Paper Marked with No.3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
    10x deva's coin
    1x [Bound] Defense Force Token
    104x [Bound] Coin of Marduka
    295x [Bound] Shepard Boarding Pass
    1x [Bound] Helmet Crab (Permanent Deco Pet)

    Is it worth losing those items to gain 100 hours worth of amplifiers and 2.5 hours of growth pots, and all the buff items/hv passes that come with new characters now?

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    I'm unsure what the problem is... you have 7 spots for more toons on 1 account and you ask if you should delete just 1 toon...
    And the numbers 3,5,11 and 8 and 15 you can just trade for items at the NPC


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      The toon has the name I use for all MMOs or any online account (if you see Saint Grimm anywhere, it's probably me). So the name needs to be for my main :P

      And I'd delete the other old ones too. I've got a 160 BM and 160 Templar that need to be remade for the amps and potions, etc. But they don't have bound items like that, so I know for sure they're good to delete.

      So the numbered paper isn't important, what about the boarding passes, coins and defense force token? If they're nothing special either, I'll just remake him.
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        The boarding passes aren't a big deal, you can either buy them from the NPC or simply ignore the retarded island. The helmet crab is the only useful thing worth keeping, but if you can afford a new looter (costs 1-2b max) then there's no need for you to keep the character. Also, you can even get for free from another player the defense force token or pay 50m to some greedy POS lol


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          I have a non-bound perm looter, but it's a moon rabbit, not a helmet crab :P I like the crab a lot more but if that's all that's worth keeping guess I'll remake him


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            I kept most of my toons, just used my 2nd account to roll new ones and used some of the older ones as buffers.

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              You can also do daily coin quest if you can find a guide to run them. Also you can get 1 amp and 1 deva a day by doing valc daily. 162 isn’t hard to get though so it’s not a big loss if you delete it.


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                use those items on island while putting a battery on a key with an skill that has not that huge of a cd... after you used your usables trade the dropped items onto the new character...