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  • Make UG useful

    We all know that circus and UG drop well during a events why not add there s5 UG with higher lv mobs up to lv 220 perhaps .keep all the same and when you kill boss in UG or circus s5 reviewed boss spawn that have 100%chance of dropping jewels pieces and some little chance of dropping this new white steel things but keep also reviuwed boss in UG /circus stage 5 as they are so weaker or lower lv players would be able to get theirs jewels just an idea .mostly idea created by ForgottenFury (I don't wanna claim the glory).whats your opinion people please share some thoughts in comments down below cheers. Minotaur Unicorn server
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    Would be nice, also it could drop the whole jewel So annyoing to get through 10-15x times on any s4 +revived because you can't get that 1 missing piece you need Also if they implement this, it could be a nice new place to farm events. (well if drop tables would be okay there, but highly doubt that they couldn't even make it in dd yet). Overall nice idea and i'm down for it :3


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      We all know that circus and UG drop well during a events..
      Wait! you guys are getting drops?

      I've been farming UG and Circus the whole week for pet event and i had only gotten 2 drops in all this time, and nothing useful, an stupid Ifrit and a +3 Summon Card, total crap!!!.