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Straight Attack Problem

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  • Straight Attack Problem

    I'm having trouble with straight attacks as Marksman expects that after killing a creature who can't do serial attacks can't do rapid attacks on the other creature can cause this? In addition, I can not assign any skill in a straight attack, this is a very important problem when these types of problems to be corrected?

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    Its not a Marksman issue, its actually related to all Ranged weapons (Bows and XBows) when you start shooting with basic attacks you cant do any other skill untill the shooting is interrupt.
    This glitch also affects Ranged Pets, not as bad as Players but notizable enough.

    What i do is to move an step to interrupt the basic shooting, then hit the skill i want, it sucks! i know, and im not even a Marksman, but know that i feel ur pain.
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