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    What about to Ug's s1-2-3-4 quests,daily ug quests,circus s1-2-3-4 and daily circus quests xp ? Too less than before and too hard to leveling ? Something bugged or changed ?

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    changed, not bugged. You'll have to spend more time lvling to 160 now.


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      Why? Leveling 153-160 is tedious, there's no groups and it's boring, especially if you don't have great gear for the 150's.


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        do some duo's palmir.. ss/gp/and 1 time grace took me 2 or 3 hours to get to 160 after mc

        i did only 1 dungeon TA quests.. since they gave less exp and not worth the time imo


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          Dumb idea no point in gimping exp. Imo everyone should start at 160 no point in going trough the whole lvling crap from lvl 1. U learn nothing u can use r2 clean gear with buff and lvl rewards u can tab f1 and go to 105 fairly quick then do quest line and ur 150 then everything stops and you have to grind to 160? I guess you could do up 145 gear and use as food later but other than that I see no reason to up gear for 10 lvls.

          Game is dying just do a coupon code like they did once and make everyone 160. Everyone starts learning how to play the class after 175 anyways.


          • BlueCloud
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            This is what i do when leveling Slaves:

            - Create a Fresh new Toon.
            - Get to HV right away and get HV Buffs, hit a GP, SS, Impact chip and whatever other buff u like.
            - Go to M1, and kill some mobs outside till u hit lv 10 and get the summoning pet skill. a lv 160 Ranged pet.
            - Get inside M1 and head to Aby's room while kill everything in my way.
            - At lv 50 Move to LM1 and kill pigs till lv 60
            - Move to CV, kill stuff till lv 80.
            - Move to PP and run to SoulSeeker's room, kill stuff til lv 105

            ***** all this should had took 1,5 - 2 hours of actual game play, not counting the time u take to get gear, skilling, snacking, etc. *****

            - At 105 Start Witch quest line.
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          And then they go afk in ROA whilst being plvld and we end up with players entering DD having no clue about their class and no equipment and no cards etc...and now I've seen plvl being offered for dd s3....

          And when they reach 175 they realise leveling up isn't so easy and quit...
          Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


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            First of all if this is true, this is a terrible change, since no one will ever(who has sanity) invest in 150/160 gears.. because they are soo hard to make them +20, sometimes it takes 15-50b (personal record was 72b actually) to make stuff to +20, so they just buy plvl because it is still a lot cheaper. Second of all i think this relates to one of my previous post, that is about content update. For example if they would re-think dd s1-2 drop and more importantly exp tables then it would be a nice option for lower geared/plvled players to dp and lvl in dd s1/2 and only those who are geared could go to s3. This also brings up the question why the hell is yushiva belt from 180, when you would really need it under that?? Because the tendecy is, ppl go to s4 after 180 (if they are good enough).
            I don't even dare to suggest any solutions since all these posts are not even read or read but ignored, most likely. :'D


            • Hunter
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              You need not +20 equip to farm UG.

            • UnderTheInfluence
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              Firstly ROA was included by justbrow, so meant to that too. Secondly yea gl grinding months there just to get to 160+ even where u still can't rly do anything, because there are no roa pts only roa plvl pts. And with low-gears (below like +17) you are kinda worthless there or max is the first room and then again gl lvling there for months. When the actual game starts at 175+ nowadays

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            Perhaps they did this to force players to do some old fashion DPs, anyone here old enough to remember those DPs at PP? where everyone had to fight, no afkers, no leechers, no OP VMs or Mercs, just pure old style DP, could be a good idea.... at least Oracles will be able to do what they were supposed to do... for a while... before they hit ROA, then it will be back to 1 OP tank and 7 Leechers.

            This old fashion DPs could be run at Cube or Circus, mmmm wonder wich one gives more exp, anyone knows?
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