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EU Event- glad it's not here!

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  • EU Event- glad it's not here!

    Glad we're not having that buff event...

    Scroll of Refresh and Scroll of Pet Power will not work when buffs from the NPC are active!

    So after the event ends, you lose all those lovely buffs you have been keeping on with refresh scrolls and have to go find the server buffer and pay him again...

    Cap8 will be so disappointed this event isn't in US server:-)

    Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.

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    ... if you don't want to lose your buff you are not taking part in the event. Easy.
    The buff is applied by the NPC when exchanging items from the Event.


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      Ahh good to know, so it's an 'ignore the event' event for many..just remember to not play when drunk and forget and get those buffs:-)