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Transfer scroll/npc?

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  • Transfer scroll/npc?

    Hey all!
    Starting this topic to ask the community.
    Do you also feel the need of a scroll/stone/npc wich allows you to transfer between PW-nusy-flumi-inferno-reviac gears? Because i really do I feel like iT could be a CS thing so it will drain money for the company and if it would be a CS thing, then it should be avalaible all the time. (also this should be the case with perfect scrolls, would give the company s*load of money :P ) OR an npc serve as a rupee sink. For example: i could downgrade my reviac armor to inferno with the cost of 10B and i get back only 70-80% of the materials or something like that So it will still be irritating for the people :P But having one of these options would be nice, since a loooot of players with end game items would like to try another classes, especially after re-balance ^^

    Please draw some attention to this topic, we might be able to achieve something ^^ and if we won't be able to, then it would be nice to hear your great/not so great ideas about this

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    Don't think they will ever do this, as the current system basically locks the high end gear away and forces players to spend more in the cs...
    Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


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      To be honest, i don't think either but i'm trying haha. But i also think that this could be a motivation for top players not to quit when they have everything and don't want to start a fresh character, but rather play on main but as a different class.