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Fresh Gears, cards, etc Problem

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  • Fresh Gears, cards, etc Problem

    With the dwindling population another problem is rising, which is the lack of fresh gears coming into the game and lack of old gears being sold (as they rot on accounts people aren't logging into any more).

    Armor pages some days on reviac are 3 pages these days, 90% of which is utter junk. Try finding a useful skilled armor for a 160's not easy! This will put new players off. Older players struggle to find decent gears for their higher level toons as well.

    The lack of skill cards is an issue too (apart from one crazy seller pricing +5 anything at 1bn each and listing 20 pages of them), seems no one is selling +6 or higher at all. A new player looking in the AH and seeing all cards priced at 1bn isn't going to stick around for long.

    I don't know how they would fix these issues without a major rework of the armor system and we all know that's not going to happen..and ideas?
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    Imo they should focus on fixing the bugs first. I can speak for myself that I'm barely playing untill they start fixing bugs again.
    Existing gears that lose their stats, skills that don't work, collection cards that don't work etc. If they don't ppl are even less likely to stay around and the small market problem will only get worse.


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      JustBrowsing98 Personally i think they should make PW farmable for low lvl/geared ppl thats 1 part of the solution and other part would be to either make a daily quest for poca ( like 1/day) or they should make event where ****load of poca drops so it will be cheap for a while (for few years as happened 2y ago at halloween). Same goes for cards make +5 easier to achieve aka raise rate on them (won't happen) or make another halloween-ish event where they drop loads of them +3-5 cards


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        I like the idea of decent poca drop event or, shock, horror, have the specific ones listed in the cs permanently. One a day as a daily would be good, could be the reward for a PW daily quest which involves completing PW.

        Also like the card drop idea. But another issue is you then need a boatload of ancient skill cubes and probably S-pros in order to make decent + cards. (I've now failed to make +8 Holy Ground 4 times...) And again, either in very short supply or not available at all- so a drop event would be good for this too.

        Also, improving the chances of success in combining cards from +5 upwards would be a huge step in the right direction. I'd leave below +5 the same otherwise some bright sparks with their 1000000000 master skill card boxes and bot programs would be making +10 everything...
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          I wouldn't even mind that, cause that way +10 cards would be a lot cheaper and avalaible too, i think. Unlike now i heard 250b for +10 card and stuff like that. While we have so limited ways to make cash in-game.