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Why is there a limit on purse purchases?

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  • Why is there a limit on purse purchases?

    I bought 3 total and it won't let me buy anymore.

    Why's this? Stocking up is good, who knows when they'll return.

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    We all have the same question.


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      its never good enough..
      you all wanted them back,,
      now that they are back..

      its still not good enough?


      • Beetle1
        Beetle1 commented
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        If this is a one time offer (limited to 3 purses) and after 3 months players will be left again without the purses, then no, it's no good enough, but only delaying the inevitable. So a clear answer as to why the limit and whether the purses will be back within those 3 months is needed. Players should know if the purses will be back, especially if they will be back before the 3 purses will run out.

      • StonerNL
        StonerNL commented
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        well atleast they have it in cs now.. that was the whole thing..
        and why they only sell 3 per account? dont get addicted to them to much
        those baggs ruin the game imo

      • NikkiTikki
        NikkiTikki commented
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        They shouldn't be in the game if they're that bad. Only letting you get 3 of each is just lame. This doesn't happen with the 28 day wings so hopefully they bring these bags back every few months.

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      The difference isn't all that noticable on my Templar (then again it's probably not working properly), but on some classes due to the skill multipliers the difference can be massive.

      Of course, if they were still working on balancing.....
      Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.