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  • Upcoming Summer Ice event

    Dear GMs!

    I just want to leave my concerns about the event, before it goes live

    Pleeeeease update drop tables! What i mean by that is players should be able to farm this event inside DD with decent drop rate. So 190/200++ players don't have to run around ROA taking lvling places of others, neither in cc where mobs are 30+ lvls behind them

    Thank you, if you are already thought of this!
    And if so sorry for wasting a few minutes of your lifes reading this!

    Kind Regards,
    A nablet player

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    Last event was a failure due the shitty drop rates, i highly doubt this can be different.


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      You never know we have new GM whom I'm sure wanna show that he is decent GM so maybe he will make this event great


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        Originally posted by Tlear View Post
        You never know we have new GM whom I'm sure wanna show that he is decent GM so maybe he will make this event great
        Chances that they trully care about their player base are quite low.

        If drop rates are as bad as in the last event, we could just pretend that there is no event at all, and just do our every day things as usual.

        Our only hope is to resist till Halloween and Xmas events, still months away but those were EVENTS.
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        • JustBrowsing98
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          I literally did that for the last drop event, and my total drop count was zero.

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        I'd like another exp event over a drop event.


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          Clear ignore list and add new event. Solved.


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            So the event went live, i farmed dd s2 for 1h got like 40-ish ice. i don't think i will spend time to farm this event specially drop rate for me feels low. Other thing is even if i manage to get 50 ice i will probably get the nearly useless stuff like AC, special potions, skate etc... All together for me it's another disappointment, sadly.
            Improvement tips: -Cut the crap rewards like sled,skate,special potions etc.
            -Increase ice drop rate a little bit (for ex.: for me to farm 1,5h foor 50ice wich i trade and i get 3 speacial mana potion or 1ss is crappy )

            Please share your results and feelings about this event, maybe i'm missing out on something or doing something wrong and it is a wonderful event


            • BlueCloud
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              The drop rate is ridiculously low, the boxes are ridiculously expensive, the shyt inside the boxes is shyt.
              So, yeah, im gonna pretent that there is no event at all and keep waiting for a Rappelz Event.

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            Boxes should be worth 5 and 20 ice

            DD- 30 min farm 10 ice
            Rota- 30 min farm 28 ice
            Character luck 801 + bear mother card + lp

            no comment


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              2 ice boxes after two hours of playing


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                The 20 ice boxes keep giving me the 10 minute +50 p att buff things...50 p att, really? sooooo useful...

                The 3 50's I have managed to get so far have given me two tents and skates.

                Drop rate in dd s4 is non-existent. DD s2 farming yields 40 ish an hour (probably more for aoe classes who can clear faster).

                As usual, it's a choice of level up OR farm the annoying CC for drops...
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                  very bad event!!!


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                    Another problem would seem to have cropped up - lack of NORMAL drops like in DD. the amount of DD items has absolutely slowed to a crawl and not a single Yushiva Essence has dropped all week. This is regardless of whether you pop luck potions or other various drop enhancers and/or logging out & back in. Terrible. Mind you it could be I'm just the unluckiest person around.... :P


                    • JustBrowsing98
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                      One essence dropped for me..but might have been Monday. Nothing since, but that's nothing unusual for me even with lucky pots etc on.
                      I see the asking price on stands buying essence is going up, which suggests the drop rate is getting worse...

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                    It seems the same yearly events get worse each passing year.


                    • UnderTheInfluence
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                      I'm so sad, but i have to agree on that!! Why is that by the way?