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Suggestion for new dung/upgrade older dungs

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  • Suggestion for new dung/upgrade older dungs

    Hi, would that be possible to re-make old dung versions (to similar as the UG dungs are) but with Exp + Dfficulty (maybe droop) rewards like the DD stages are?
    They can be either instanced or just enterable by same NPC with another dialogue (or something similar). Main point or focus would be to either add new types of mobs to these dungs or just give high level players to do solo / party farming without not necessary lag while constantly leaving / re-entering DD and aswell to fully enjoy leveling /powerleveling on events (like it used to be TAKIN FAST ROOM) - (or like Christmas Crystal valley dung) - this would in my opinion give the variation over the outdated Devildom dung and aswell bring more peeps or give old players an another option - especially the "fast rooms"are necessary without annoying running all over the place (ROA hector room) or vasting time while opening DD doors (many times bugged - either door or lost mob behind it - sometimes too far to call with the chip) or re-entering the stage.
    I bet it would give some fresh air into game with minimum programming effort while we can't wait to get proper new dungeon...

    leave suggestions or thumbs up if like ^^
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