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  • Void mage expert needed

    Hello guys...
    I am new here I have just reached the masterclass void mage and I don't know how to distribute something called tp points and I don't want to mess them up cause they seem pretty important so any advice how can I disturbute them effectively and for example if u told me 2 in the mid tell me 2 in the first skill or 1 on the first and 1 on the one beneath it cause I really don't know those things thanks in advance hope you have a good day gentle men..

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    You can reset your TP at any moment by using Job Supporter's NPC "Class Transfer" dialog option.
    Here is my skill tree:
    As you can see, TP skills are marked by the green box, I have spent 2 points in the 1st tree, 3 points in the 2nd tree and 2 points in the 3rd tree, this combination is called 232 or 2 3 2. This is the best solution for 170+ VM.
    You can obtain 5 TP on 150 lvl, 1 TP on 160 lvl and on 170 lvl your character gets last, 7th TP.
    But until you reach lvl 170 I recommend to use 131 combination.

    And one more advice, go find a guild for yourself. In the guild you can always ask more experienced players for advice and get an answer immediately.
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