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    Hello all!

    The goal of the post to bring attention to these 'small' details wich would (my pernosal opinion) improove the whole gaming experience.
    What if instead of giving us new usless content (like citadel) bring long forgotten contents up to date?
    Also rethink droptables maybe??! Roa gives more ruppee than s6 :'D s6 bosses and mobs dropping e-special/rare/basic wich no one will ever tame...i heard about a guy who actully had over 2 trill of basic empty in wh... instead it could be dropping for ex. t6 e-cards (with a lower droprate for sure) or like bring up s5 drops, because let's face it.. total useless stage, but if not total usless it's not worth by far in terms of investment-reward. If u want to farm essence/relix box u go to s4. If u want exp/refined/relix box u go to s6.

    So what are you think about it?
    Let's bring some attention here.
    If u have any ideas, please share.

    PS.: Please be clement, about my english knowledge.

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    People who go to DD S6 are not there to farm loot, but to get exp and rise to lv 200+, its the only endgame place to level.
    I wish DD would drop e-uniques like in ROA.


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      I don't mean to be rude, but you are like jon snow, you know nothing People are farming it

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    DD s6 does drop empty uniques like ROA, but the rate is very low.

    I have to agree that the drop table doesn't really make sense. As of now, we should be able to have empty t6 like drillbot, baphomets and so on dropping. DD s6 would be a good place so that others can change their belts around too.

    As of right now, if you want essences, the best place to farm them is s4-5. Also, if you want scale pieces to make scales of dd is also s4-5. As for the black boxes, bead boxes and other small things... those seem fine on the drop table at each stage.

    What I would really like is for Island of Forgotten Gods (boat island in City of Ruins) to not be the :00 or: 30 time to enter anymore. Make the scroll 30 mins or something else, but catching that boat at that time is beyond annoying and we have been complaining for a long time about that.
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      For sure the rupee drop table needs to be updated for all dungeons. I think even Devas should drop in s6 make it worth it to farm s6 not just for exp cause let’s face it that gets boring. E-uniqs would be nice too or e-arena pets those would be good ideas. They defiantly need to a lot more reward to the game for farming because at this point you will just lose players cause it’s not worth it to even play. Coin daily npc needs more rewards added to it maybe timed backpacks or old pieces/devas.

      Maybe they should add away to break down useless e-cards into rupees or something you can altar and be useful. Update that old content make everything useful to the players don’t let things in the game get outdated


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        Also i don't think they will ever rework old pets. So would be a really nice option to have an npc to trade those empties for something usefull or trade certain amounts for tamed ones i would be making s5 old pets, just for fun and to run around with them in towns since they are pretty usless for me. But this could be help for newbies who can't afford minos/drills on belt ^^


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          Still valid points. Still nothing happened


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            I think you have valid point there with this droptable dd s6 should be a bit better drop rate of ruppes etc and yeah perhaps get rid of dropping empt useless pet cards it's end game dungeon stage at the moment so perhaps like other ppl suggested maybe make dd s6 drop t6 empty cards... also what happen to DG in dd s6 don't they drop empty DG anymore ,we already got it tame rate is broken as no one tame DG for a while I think


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              Yes at least get rid of the usless crap and give us more rupee drop..would be nice to farm in dd and get more rupees than least. Yea when they changed rates, they really messed up something at least thats what i think.. a reconsideration would be appriciated about these topics