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Underground and Circus quest exp rewards

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  • Underground and Circus quest exp rewards

    Why does the quests for Circus and Underground give different exp and jp than what it says it will give as a reward. I only got a little over 200 million in exp and barely over 50 million in jp, but the exp rewards is over 836 million exp and the jp is 209 million. My toon is 175 and that might be the issue, but higher level toons need all the exp they can get.
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    Higher lvl Toon, especially 175+ go into DD... You should try it...


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      I do go into DD, but I also do dailies from the other dungeons. I am not talking about the exp you get from killing things, I am talking about the exp and jp that are promised as a reward for completing the dungeon daily quest. What it says you get and what you actually get aren't the same.

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    Someone else also noticed that they got less exp for the quest when they were leveling to 160. So I dont think it has to do with your level.


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      I helped a new player yesterday do the UG and circus quests. He started at 153 and he was only 60% into 156 after all UG timed quests.
      I thought maybe the fact that my helper toon was 190 might affect his exp but not to that degree.


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        Thank you both for your responses. I just noticed it first with the circus daily then checked the other dailies for underground and it did the same thing gave me different exp and jp than what it says it will give as quest rewards. I just wanted to see if it was just me or others who have noticed.