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I'm having problems with Trainee Island.

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  • I'm having problems with Trainee Island.

    Hullo everyone!

    Seems I'm having a might bit of trouble getting from trainee level to class 1 skills? The recent changes in the previous update has gone and made changes to the quests on Trainee Island. Though I've completed all quests on the Island in their proper order, I have not been returned to Deneb to claim my Class change so I can continue evolving my character? I am now level 52 with my character but unable to change class from Strider to Assassin class, please can someone help me?

    Thank you very much in advance


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    you need to be level 80 or 100

    because your jlvl can only be half of your level

    like if you are level 60 you can have level 30 jlvl and so on

    so when you are level 80 you can have level 40 jlvl and can pick your 2nd class or get to 100 so you have jlvl 50 and get bonus stats

    it's a new change IMO it should only effect master class jlvl but it affects all the class so we have problems like this one