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  • Death gladiator

    How many death gladiator have been tamed so far?

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    I dont think anyone has one.
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      I cannot understand how anyone would do something like this. Even IF you would tame a single one, I is still pretty useless due to the missing slots. Stage 5 is a ridiculous thought in this case.
      In addition, I for myself will never see the citadel cause due to my private life, there is 100% no chance for me to participate on a Saturday.
      What a shame but good luck to all other players


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        The pet is a myth. Citadel was badly thought out and after a brief flurry when it first came out I'm not sure how many guilds are even doing it any more.
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        • Fainewedd
          Fainewedd commented
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          nearly impossible things won't motivate people. This game is dying of too much rng and too frustrating mechanics.
          Nobody will invest a stubid amount of money to get proper gear anymore or wait 5 years for a new, still useless pet. It is ridiculous...

        • Brunohsantos
          Brunohsantos commented
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          mistakes after mistakes, developers are waiting for the game to die to think about doing something about it, the system of pets that gave life to this game and also visibility to differentiate themselves from other mmo rpg, this being left out for years, even we persistently complaining that pets need to be reworked, they simply ignore us and continue to thread more of the same to each epic, update after update, and now with the genial idea of ​​forcing the already not many remaining players to play in team not only in dungeons as well as in these new weekly dynamics with insignificant prizes.
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        Speaking of Death Gladiator. I would like to tame a Pucky. With the same exact skills and damage... since we are talking about myths.