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  • Item Shop: Introduction of Items

    Hello People,

    I´d like to propose Items for discussion into the Item Shop, that might increase Sales and also Player Enablement.

    Item of Durability:

    Combine with weapon/gear/assessoires/artefacts and they turn unbreakable.
    Price, same as a hammer. I know alot of that has issues with keeping them safe ? Why not pay for it and be on the safe side.
    Those who are thinking of well I don´t need it because nothing happens great. But due to the fact that you can almost instantly repair it with the merchant at hidden village the one in the Cash shop does make no sense. I´d for sure would be a buyer, once paid dont have to take care of them anymore (Maybe add the fact that you dont have to fill in lak as well)

    Special Goblin teeth:
    Combine your weapon with one of the legendary (old EQ r3,r5,r7 with the special effects form the dungeons) ones will add those special (in purple) effect.
    Gives the game another interesting feature, there are quite good ones.
    And it also increases the value of ork teeths.


    First proposal!


    PS: Work with us at least on the cash shop front if no new content comes out
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    I didnt fully understood what u mean with the "Special Goblin teeth", mind to elaborate a bit?


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      Well in German they are goblin and orc , been told that in english they named transformation charm


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        The ability to imbue equipment with the effects of the Legendary equipment is an interesting one. But I think realistically everyone would simply choose the Dimensional Barb's effect for the Luck and drop rate increase.


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          I think so to , most ppl farming dd s6 would go for drop rate increase