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remove hellstorm animation

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  • remove hellstorm animation

    Hello .
    Hellstorm is hella annoying with that long ass skill animation . 2 sec loss of dps or life absorb from hector is crucial sometimes .
    is there a way to remove the animation ? or make it 0.1 sec ? like why mercs get away with 0 sec cast animation on their aoes ?
    i dont even wanna talk about apocalypse . dmg is bad. animation is almost long as dark spiral for no reason ...
    either remove skill animation or replace it with a better aoe skill . like a buff that lasts for 1 min . u are able to hit multiple enemies with ur basic attacks ( ofc not as much as ur main hand or off hand ) this has to be figured out

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    Wavecut animation been reduced loooooong time ago and ever since sometimes it does zero damage, well often until I have learn how to stop that the way hellstorm animation is long agree with ya should be fixed but take that risk after they might attempt to "fix" it might end up being worst ... you know how it is


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      I sooo agree with hellstorm!!!! The animation is useless. Apocalypse is a joke. Sometimes I just sit and watch the animation of that and think why does it need like 10 seconds to do all that.