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Help me find my character!

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  • Help me find my character!

    Hi. I have been away for a while because reasons.... but now I am back, and I can't find my character.

    She was quite a high level and she had tamed one of those demon things - can't remember what they are called, something like Lapika? - and had a white tiger she could ride around. Will be absolutely gutted if I can't get her back. She wason the Tortus Server. My account is still active, but I can't access Tortus. :-(

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    Tortus along with most of the older servers have been merged into one server, she should be on Reviac server and she should be there. If she isn't there, try filling out a ticket with as much information as possible about your character, Name / level / class / last time you logged in and maybe the CS team can help you out.
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