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About new maint and "fix"

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  • About new maint and "fix"

    Good evening dear Rappelz team

    Let's talk about what u did fix or not.

    WASD - is not fixed
    Deco appearance - not fixed

    Now can be new bugs. :

    - Oracle can't heal or do nothing when entering in DD in any lv.
    - Oracle for heal needs to move on the map or need to go close to the char that she needs to heal- and that sometimes dangerous
    - Oracle main skill is - mas- resplendence don't work normally .. even you or multi times the skill just go 1 time -so for moment not useful skill

    and about CS now - in sted to put GMFB, grow positions, ss on even a small discount so u can have sellings - you put that .. sorry no god "Sells Manager" there.
    Please fix what you did you fixed but u didn't .. ask Galla again for fixig.. ppl are already fed up with this " You see this .. now u don't see this "

    A disappointed player,

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    Hi Buburuzza

    WASD glitch isn't fix but I was told how to circumvent it. You make sure your screen is in full mode and hit Alt+Tab and return to game the WASD keys will work then Sadly you have to do this each time you log in until it's fixed...