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Deadeye is unplayable

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  • Deadeye is unplayable

    It's nice that we get dual crossbow graphic finally but......

    Once I start attacking a mob with basic attacks I am completely unable to use any skills unless I stop attacking by moving first.

    If I am attacking a group of mobs, such as in most any dungeon room, I have to wait for the basic attack animation to end after a mob dies before I can attack the next mob. This is around 2 seconds, which is unbearably long in most situations. Moving my character after the mob dies breaks the animation and lets me attack the next mob instantly. This is nice in some situations such as quests where I need to kill field mobs that die in 1 hit, I can hold down my run key and kill them while running - no need to stop moving ever. I Would love to keep this feature but I'll be happy to lose it if I can have my old attack back.

    I understand that other people had issues attacking after maintenance and there was a client side hotfix applied but I wasn't sure if the powers that be were aware that DE is still bugged.

    Really hope you can fix this soon because this coming week I have no work and was hoping to log some serious hours playing.