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  • Impact on pets

    Well, like a person that love play pet classes (they are the scence of Rappelz) can i make a sugestion to Gms? There may be the possibility that pets apply impact on mobs? I know we have the posibility of use luna chip, but when you are Master Breeder and want go in a support/mage build it so slow compared to a melee or ranges one to aply the impact with skill in mobs like UG, CC, etc etc.
    i know you will say "use bow" "change staff to heal", but i think that it will be good for people that want go magic/healer.

    Sorry for english and thanks all for read

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    Actually that's not bad idea to be able to pop Impact or mirror on pets ( it would be beneficial for MB and OL for sure )


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      I do not really understand why the developers are taking so long to put this into action, we've been talking about this for a long time and they keep ignoring the obvious. Is the same about pet's rework ,simply ignored.
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      • Hunter
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        There are no developers. Game was developed with max level 80 (or so) and highest dung CV. Everything new is to increase cash shop income.

        There are old skills like "100% chance to +22 additional damage" and nobody cares.

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      The problem with this game is the devs don’t play it they don’t know how things work or effect game play. You first need to play the game to get an understanding of what it needs. They don’t listen to our forum post and they don’t play so there is no hope unless something changes. Do you think a dev has spent the time farming for yushi belt or making reviac gear? I doubt it cause if they did they would of never made the drops suck so bad it take thousands of hours of repetitive farming or that they is no way to dismantle your reviac gear back down to Nus (175).


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        Long overdue, but if your pet dies... do you lose the impact? So there should be a fix there somewhere. Maybe a pet GMFB.


        • Brunohsantos
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          maybe, equal hidden village buff, will not disapear after death
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        • Confusion
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          That could work too

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        They should of done the pet rebalance before the pet fix this would of been great as mb idun have any way to aoe chip for the pet