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  • I'm back!

    Hullo everyone!

    Back on Rappelz after 6 years away. Och! There sure have been a lot of changes since I left for University 5 years ago... Some good and some not so good. I do notice a lot of senseless errors in the programing since I went offline, that is not very good for the reputation of the DEV's, and their lack of interest in fixing these silly errors does not look good on the Game itself. Come on people get your acts together and make Rappelz great again... It may be an old game and the graphics are rudimentary compared to a lot of online gaming these days, but it's easy to learn user interface always made me smile, and I'm sure that all you other lads and lassies out there in the game who are strapped for cash like meself will agree can still be played without the need of a phenomenally expensive video card or super fast computer. ( drat those student loans I need to pay off).


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    Welcome back! i hope you graduated we all would love to see some updates for stability
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      Hi Evy!

      Welcome back! Long time no see, and it's good to see you here again. Yes things have changed a lot since you were on last. I agree with both you and "Realize" we sure could use more stability in the game and for the DEV's to get up off their butts and fix all the stupid glitches that seem to perpetrate so much each time there's been an update. Indeed some of them are downright ridiculous like the one about the character selection screen, it has been working fine for as long as both of us have played the game and is now ridiculous with mere floating character heads. It seems to me that the serious issues began occurring after the changes to Vulcanus Solo dungeon to the most recent Epic 9.6. There has to be a reason?

      Hugs, Erica

      P.S. and yes, they changed my character name on me awhile back even though there are far worse still running around no one does anything about.


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        Welcome back bud, game has change a lot since you left ^^.,Congrats on finishing your Uni.


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          Hullo Evy!

          Glad to see you back, and congratulations on graduating. Will you be doing any post-grad studies now or just going right into the workforce?

          Hugs; Liv


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            Hullo everyone!

            Thanks for the welcome back, and yes I graduated with honors, I now have my MA in Fine Arts and Political Science. Hi Liv! No I will not be doing any post grad work, I need to get working so I can back me student loans ASAP...


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              Welcome back!
              Evilite, Betrayal server


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                Welcome back! (Sings the Welcome Back song...)

                The game being a bad boy, Webzenianz? Go here: Helpdesk and Comment Card
                Cater to your customers, or someone else will!
                I gotta have more cowbell!!


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                  games lame