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Sugestion: More HP on scarecrows

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  • Sugestion: More HP on scarecrows

    Hi, would it be possible to give the scarecrows more HP? It would be handy to compare damage of different skill combo's/ basic hits over slightly longer timeframe. Right now they die too fast for that kinda thing.

    I know there are more important things to fix, but this would take very little work/time to change I imagine.

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    I'm going to renew this request after seeing the following video:


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      Please dont "bump" your own thread. I'm sure the GM's have seen it and bumping it wont help it get more attention. Thank you
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        Also they have to deal with greater issues first... But i'm really glad if thats your biggest problem in the game Plus i don't think most people cares, because it isn't representative since scarecrows doesn't have p.def/m.def, at least as far as i remember


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          Noooooo..scarecrows are too hard to kill already, please nerf!
          Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.