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Devildom pk and blocking in tp sugestion

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  • Devildom pk and blocking in tp sugestion

    For the last weeks of the day on the day I am attacked on tp to devildom.Requests do not help any of the players did not get ban.In that case, I come with a suggestion.
    Do around tp in dd the city zone like at the citadel.He will not pk on teleport.When someone blocking tp, just turn off character display.I think this is the best way to fight with the pk in teleport.

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    So you sugest a small zone of non-pking around the entrance of Devildom, kind of like "a small piece of city"?

    I think that would be a good Idea for every dungeon entrance. (especially the labyrinth, ug, cc and dd where you can get teleported to (from inside) without aura of protection)

    Until then you can teleport to the devildom entrance by town so you get the "aura of protection" buff. Then you click the npc to get in, remove the buff by double clicking it once inside. Every time you finish a run, instead of using the stone, use a return scroll to town. Then use the dungeon teleporter to get back to the npc.
    Once finished and at the npc, enter the dungeon, remove the aura and use a return scroll.


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      First , you lose time running through the city.

      secondly, people block tp by becoming figures and pets on npc making it difficult to enter

    • Confusion
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      It should not be necessary to go through all those steps to begin with. Since some players clearly have nothing better to do then sit w PK on at a portal... I agree with making it a small non-PK zone. All the PKers (who PK like that) can QQ about it. They are the ones ruining the whole PKing for others. The same way ROA is now a PK free zone.

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    This is a good idea. Some people are obviously untouchable, because many ticket are being blown up. Such non-pk zone will be a good way to pk on tp


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      Great Idea. Its not only a problem on your Server with the "untouchable PKler ". We reported some Players on our Server with 15-20 Tickets ( Video proof include ) and nothing happend.

      Why we need a protection Area for the Citadel, for once a week Event, but not for the only Dungeon for 190+ Players ? The NPC blocking is another Problem.

      Use the return scroll every time you finish a run is complete time waste and a double Chance to get a DC.

      PLS GMs PLS... Protection Area around Devildom. Bring more Field Events to push back PK into the Game. But PK in front of Devildom is a Game killing thing.


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        Maybe some mod/gamemaster
        he will say what he thinks about it.