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Block Dungeons Portal/NPC May Be Reported?

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  • Block Dungeons Portal/NPC May Be Reported?


    I come up with an issue that affects everyone on the server. Is it possible to report people who purposely block the DD portal with videos / prints? For more than an hour my party were with GP on and many other consumables of CS and two guilds came and put several pets / slaves right above the dungeon NPC, we just unable enter in dungeon. If we turn pk on in DD portal for kill this block, we can be reported, is what they want. So Can this be reported through movie/prints?

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    In my opinion that is against the rules and should be reported as a violation of the TOS:

    "t. Do anything that interferes with the ability of other Members or guests to enjoy playing a game and using the Service or that materially increases the expense or difficulty of WEBZEN in maintaining the Service for the enjoyment of all its Members and guests."

    Take a screenshot of whom or whatever is blocking the portal and send it in. (If possible record video or multiple screenshots of that action) Let Customer Support resolve this issue.
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      I have to agree with hawk on this one.

      It is very annoying and frustrating when people have nothing better to do other than ruin a gaming experience for others.


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        I think it'd be a good idea to instead have an area of effect, where you could click E or something to talk to the NPC. Pipe dream I know but I've wasted some time outside DD also.


        • (MOD)Hawk4hire
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          Great idea Kaz - or possibly make the NPC taller than any pet so parking a pet wont matter - you can still click the NPC

        • Theofmaster
          Theofmaster commented
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          Or do around tp in dd the city zone like at the citadel

        • Kazombie
          Kazombie commented
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          Your idea is probably a lot easier to implement than mine Hawkie, so I'll vote for that one~