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Decorative Cri pow Set

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  • Decorative Cri pow Set

    Hello guys, the fastes way to get the Decorative Critical power set is from the Marduka coin quest right ? with out buy them ofc.

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    You can also donate to altar non dura soul stones etc and then take your rewards and sometimes if give ya commander deco set pieces


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      Or you can buy of other players unopen commaander deco bits to make cp set you want just remember when you open it there is no guarantee that you will get cp piece of setyou want


      • TheBlackWolf
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        thanks mate, i have the complete cri pow set at my main acount but i like play all the classes so i also have an alt acount and now i need to make a deco cri pow set for this other alt account cause my deco set is non tradable.

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      Btw cheaper way of getting full commander set might be going for veteran boxes a lot cheaper like 4 time cheeper if not more and then once u get cp deco item buy costume upgrade scroll :commander those sale 400-450m each on my server if you use scroll like this on veteran deco item u like it become commander.just an idea