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Angel pet wings error

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  • Angel pet wings error

    Angels pet wings always have been in their back now they are so wrong that just with see the poor animal u will cry.....look so wrong

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    its not just angel wings, actually all GK lot their weapons.. (just posted new topic about it cuz it seems nobody bothers) "


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      I posted about this back on the first day of Epic 9.6 but, as usual nothing was done about it much like the haunting floating heads or partial bodies that show up on the character selection screen and of course the blank window to select levels in Vulcanus and the Nanani with the wings that no longer beat fast enough to lift a flea, (jeez). I don't know why we even bother to report these glitches, WEBZEN doesn't seem to give a damn anymore, it's a dying game...


      • (QA)Tharja
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        After players report issues to Webzen, Webzen then reports the issues to Gala. After which everyone waits until Gala gets around to fixing things. Webzen is only a publisher, one of four globally, Gala are the ones who handle the workings of Rappelz, they have lots of things to be working on, so changes can take time.

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      I still find this bug funny tho.


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        Look how long take them to adjust a code to change big X on items/cards etc you can't use so with those angel wings it will take a lot longer to sort out armour yourself in patience .


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          I wish to report that some of the glitches have finally been fixed after the long long wait.

          1. Angel Wings bug fixed
          2. Vulcanus level selection window appears to be working at this time.
          3. Hornets wings now appear not to beat at all, so still need fixing.
          4. and, most important: the player characters on the character selection screen at startup are no longer floating disembodied heads or amputated hand and feet etc.
          5.However, still having issues with the W,A,S,D, movement keyboard keys even though they are correctly selected in the settings, need to use the mouse all the time for movement.

          Thank you Gala for having finally fixed the above bugs, now please look into the new one since this Monday's maintenance... Also kudos to you for removing the big red X that covered the images on the skill and pet cards, the faded version on the un useable cards looks far far better, thank you. I understand that the DEV's work hard on creating new content and newer games for the market, however, they should not disregard or abandon their old faithful Rappelz player base for newer games.
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          • (MOD)Eva
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            I like the new "X" a lot better. Glad that finally got applied.