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  • Summoners buffs

    Maybe summoner classes like wb or overlord buffs like elemental resistance, divine claw, etc should be allowed to apply on characters, and give hero buff - your pet auto attacks deal +448 holy dmg, or something. It would be nice for non pet classes, because bonus inteligence = more healing, And resistance= more chances for your pet to not die from random wind in dungeons,


    or maybe let pets summon and recall with their buffs still on, and ( i don't know if it works, i didn't test it, so here i can say something stupid) let them not only copy your buffs, but also refresh old ones ( like exacly pet buffs).
    easier, less trouble with explaining, and with same effect.
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    1. wb is not a summoner class, or a class at all.

    2. Elemental Resistance, and Divine Claw aren't Overlord buffs, they are Master Breeder ones.

    3. The idea of pet classes is to buff themselves and pets, not characters, for that you have 12 more classes.

    4. Having an additional buff on characters that only adds +448 damage with Holy skills is completely pointless.

    5. What bonus intelligence are you talking about, and more healing for who? Heal classes can heal just fine.

    6. What resistance are you talking about? If its elemental resistance, thats not how skill works. If you mean defense mastery buff, it already is a pet buff.


    • Sermasteropl11
      Sermasteropl11 commented
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      1wb is polish shortcut for beast master., because well, i was pretty lazy and didn't wanted to check.
      By him i had on mind Deva summoners, breeder, souls breeder, master breeder.

      2 ^he have these skills^

      3pet classes have great passives, auras and dual summoning. Buffs like Elemental resistance, organic resistance( later changed by defense mastery), possible to apply on other players pets, for now are only for pet classes.

      4 mostly i'm saying about damage resistance buffs ( organic, unorganic, spirit etc. defense mastery could be little too much.

      5 inteligence boost from soul breeder, + inteligence and magic dmg

      6. as i said in 4th point. Defense mastery should be breeder skill, cause it's quite unique and important to this summoner.
      But resistances from breeder and soul breeder ( 1 race resistance + elemental ) could find a place to go somewhere.

      My point is : Why pet classes have buffs : for aggro (sorcerer), or stats buffs ( breeder), if they are used only on your pet.
      In old times, if your team had summoner, he was buffing all pets before entering dungeons, cause it was important then.
      Now these skills are rather something like selfbuffs.
      /edit/ and most of them are forgotten , because there are better ones.
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    Pretty sure BM makes a lot for sense for beast master than wb does, so you meant to say MB which = Master Breeder. That is the deva summoner master class.

    Some buffs can go on other players pets but they leave a lot of them as self buffs because that’s the point of playing a pet class is your pets get more of a boost than playing a none pet class.

    Players still use the threat and dethreat buffs and last time I checked those can be used on any pet.

    Buffs get outdated and you start to use new skills as you progress through the game and unlock more skills. It happens in a lot of games not just rappelz.

    I really dont see the point of this post, I feel like you don’t really play MB. So what’s the point of making a post like this? Cause you want a MB to buff players and not just pets? Cause that defeats the whole point of a pet class, players already have enough buffs and don’t need anymore.


    • Kenshin
      Kenshin commented
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      Serma, pets on non pet classes are meant to be weaker and just a support for the characters. If you want to use powerful pets, play pet classes....Sounds like you want the benefits of pet classes, while still keeping the benefits of non pet classes characters.

    • Anto
      Anto commented
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      What class do you play? Also you were talking about MB skills but now you are saying you want BM to buff? Some pet classes have toggles and self buffs just like none pet classes have. Like WK gets 29% P. Atk/matk and corr gets M. Atk self buff and p def self buff. Temp gets hp buff hp% and merc. If you give everyone the same buffs what the point it playing different classes.

      So like Kenshen said you just want all pet buffs to be added to players too, so that pet classes get turned into buff slaves?

    • Sermasteropl11
      Sermasteropl11 commented
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      why is there option to buff other users pets, if noone is using it,
      i don't want to make super strong pet + normal class.
      i just want to know why there exist PET BUFFS,( not auras, not self buffs, not pasives.) and pets can't get them , cause one recall, and here everything went off.