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  • Citadel Rules change

    Could we consider change a bit how bid goes for citadel attack , for example on unicorn server one guild made an alt guild or just a guild just to screw other people to enter dungeon( it's a form of bulling you know ) , I'm sure this is not happening only on unicorn. Easy way to prevent it from happening is would be ( just an idea so if someone have better one then go ahead suggest it) guild leader have to be 200+ lv or maybe average guild lv has to be185+ something like that so it would prevent from someone just making a guild and bid on citadel just to stop others from having a chance to tame new pet or dropping new pet. let me know what you think guys . cheers
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      Both of your level suggestions don't work. How many guilds have an average level over 185? Would we have to kick all our alts, slaves etc out the guild and not invite new people in order to bid?

      And our main guy is 196..

      And we've completed it with mainly lvl 180 and lower players...

      What they need to do is scrap the bidding entirely and allow each guild to try it three times a week.

      As for the leaderboard and quickest times, there is a very easy way to set a very fast time and that's leave a player or twink in the first area so you can summon back and forth between the two areas for the fastest time.

      All in all, it's not a great design and the rewards unless you come first aren't worth the time doing it.

      As for taming the new pet, not sure an empty has even dropped yet...
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        Simply allow all guilds to participate, remove the bidding contest, like it has been suggested like 30+ times now....


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          Mino, first theres 6 slots. Second there were 4 empty slots at the time your referring to. so guilds should just pick another slot if they get kicked from a time slot


          • Tlear
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            Silly statement πŸ˜‚.if my guild pick slot that was empty why should we change time slot ?it should be obvious as you just says there was 4 time slots available why didn't forgotten pick other slot ? And last week I seen you bid on slot we wanted so I did let forgottenfury have that slot as he was 1st.I have allowed guild you are member of to have that slot last Sat so don't be ungrateful πŸ˜‰,and btw you don't have clue what I was referring to so it seems .I'm referring to your silly alt guild who overbid on vendetta time slot πŸ˜‰Just so Vendetta won't have citadel.Stop assuming as you bad at it
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          Also I saw you trying to bump people at the last minute and because you were slow it didnt work for you, you shouldnt complain about it. Also people are doing the same times everyweek and you shouldnt be going out of your way to piss people off, and complain when you fail


          • Kenshin
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            ^ Oh look, someone that is unaware of all the problems Citadel siege system has. Obliviousness at it's finest.

          • YGIF
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            or... people stop being care bears and realize its a game, there's competitive nature and aspects to the game and not everyone gets a trophy. If you don't like it find a new hobby.

          • Tlear
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            YGIF Can you actually read with understanding ?where do I mentioned about Forgottenfury guild bidding on time slot of my guild ? πŸ˜‚I suggest go back to school where kids have class reading with understanding πŸ˜‰
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          Easy fix is to make it a secret bidding and the highest bidder wins.
          They should allow citadel to be entered every day for fun also, freaking boring rappelz.


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            As a 200+ player that is silly. I still could careless doing the dungeon. Given that it is only on Saturday and I have to pick a time to do it. Seems as ridiculous as Island of Forgotten even wanna play dungeon to enter at :00/:30. As Kenshin said... "Simply allow all guilds to participate, remove the bidding contest, like it has been suggested like 30+ times now..." I have to agree that seems like the best option which has been repeated in a ton of other threads.

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              I agree Kenshin idea it's pretty good better then mine for sure.thanks all for theirs feedback with one exception to a person whose posts were absolutely irrelevant to the topic (959)


              • XORACLEx
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                I heard that I should take Hand's time slot. Also seems im the only one not hiding their identity on the forum