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  • Farewell

    Hello everyone,

    I'm not so great with goodbyes, but then again I don't think this truly is. Not for now.

    Today is my last full day working on Rappelz. As of tomorrow, I will start over on a new game here at Webzen. However, over the course of the next 4 weeks, I have a number of patches I will need to wrap up and see added to live servers so my duties will be split between Rappelz and my new team.
    Fear not, a new GM is on the way and they shall make their presence known soon!

    These last, nearly 3 years, have been amazing to say the least. I was just a player before I started as a GM, being able to work directly with Gala and push through changes or develop new content is something I never thought I'd have the opportunity to do. It all started small, with simple event tweaks and grew much bigger than I anticipated.

    I would especially like to thank these 4 people:
    Cornerstone, Slave, Tewodros and Tharja.
    These guys have been working behind the scenes with me testing content, giving their feedback and, simply, just putting up with me. They made my job so much more easier and I believe they've tried their best for a higher quality of content to be delivered.

    I will remain around on Discord, as part of the community. So long as the Rappelz community asks me for it, I will happily give advice.

    Thank you all for being here on my journey, I hope I didn't let you down!


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    Dear Nazgul... Thank you for your Service. The Community will miss you.


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      And Now His Watch Is Ended

      Thank you & good luck!


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        Many thanks for all your prompt replies over the last three years. We don't always agree but you always replied and have been an excellent addition.

        Best of luck on the new game and don't be a stranger!
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          Well hello there!

          First of all i would like to say thank you! You did exactly the opposite of "letting us down".
          You simply were the greatest GM we've had in years and i gotta say: The new GM is stepping into big footsteps!

          All the updates in the last few years have been great for the community and you always had an open ear for everybody.
          You didn't only work full-time but also shared your free time with us and just simply had an amazing personality that a lot of players surely enjoyed.

          I know that this is not a real goodbye yet but you will be missed! Let's see who that new one is and how he is going to get along with our toxic community haha.

          Please stay around and stay a pillar of this community. That would be much appreciated.

          Thank you and good luck with your future projects!

          ~Realize aka. Sapphirerz

          -> Check me out on Youtube


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            Nazgul - you will be missed. You were the glue that held this game together and in some sense - the one who MADE the Devs create a better Rappelz. There are a multitude of players who enjoy Rappelz thanks to you and your work and dedication.
            May the next GM simply walk in your shoes and continue your efforts.
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              I'm not happy about how abrupt the announcement of your departure was. I think it's unfortunate because we have been able to produce more and more updates for Rappelz that have been good additions and popular with the players.

              Regardless, I wish you the best on your new project and I hope that we can continue to work together to improve Rappelz. I don't know how much we can get done without you bugging Gala, but I do hope that the new GM and other GMs are able to continue to assist the QA team in making changes.


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                Hi nazgul.
                Sorry to see you go you helped a lot of us players back in the day.
                ​​​​ You have done a great job trying to sort lots of problems we players have with the game.
                I remember when we had a party in rota lobby and you showed up talking to us and buffed us a few years back.
                You wore a great pair of red wings and cloak with a cat on it which would have been great for cs.
                Hope all goes well with your new job, you will be sadly missed here on rappelz.


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                  Thanks for all you've done!


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                    have a good time

                    May the Force be with you


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                      Swear we need to superglue the GMs around here!

                      Thanks for helping Rappelz being a better place. And being able to get to the devs to get some things done. Remember some former GMs barely getting through to them. Also putting together the QA team was an excellent idea, which allowed a few very knowledgeable players to join in and help test new stuff before it hits the live servers.

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                      Cater to your customers, or someone else will!
                      I gotta have more cowbell!!


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                        Or as the saying goes 'so long and thanks for all the fish!'.
                        Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


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                          Good luck on your next adventure, and thanks for everything !

                          -from the french community


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                            Thank you and good luck man!


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                              I'll use a different GoT quote:

                              "What happens to things that dont bend?"

                              I hope the next GM will be more flexible with respect to players wishes.

                              Good/better luck in your next game. Farewell.
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