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    Nazgul I'm gonna miss having you around. You fixed a lot of messes around here, and it's because you listened and cared for what you were doing. With any employee who is exemplary, they probably moved you to where you're needed. I hope that the next GM will take the players into consideration as much as you did. And maybe some day we'll get to have you as our GM again, or simply see you in game, and not know it
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      To [GM]Naz,

      Thank you for being our GM.

      There have been so many memories with you as our GM. I remember a time when we had a public test server and I was trying to tame minos and all of a sudden 20+ minos were spawned at me. I was so confused but then laughed when I saw you appear. Another memory is when you would come buff us in game. But my favorite memory of you is when the game went down and you came in on a weekend and fixed the servers so we can continue to play.

      Many of us thank you for how much you tried to help the community. Though it has been a tough road and a lot of anger was pointed towards you, I believe that your intentions were pure.

      I do hope in your future endeavors that you remember your roots and experiences in this game to shape future games. You always had a vision and wanted to do what was best. In that I only offer a small piece of advice, take all comments/advice, whether it be ridiculous or amazing and apply it to future games. Even in some anger, amateur dramatics, and/or silliness, players are showing you how they feel. Even if it is 10% of the community... it is speaking volumes.

      Other than that, I wish you the best and hope that you will find happiness in any direction you choose.