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always coming back to that game - is it worth it?

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  • always coming back to that game - is it worth it?

    hi there fellow players,

    Í have a bit of a dilemma. I stopped playing rappelz several years ago (with epic 8.1 or 8.2 i think). Today, I wanted to give it another try. So I logged in (the pvp server) and immediately noticed, it has changed - a lot. I had the feeling that the community has gotten even less than it was back in the day (chat was kinda empty and when I asked questions like price check on certain inventory crap, there wasn't a single answer to any of it).
    Of course, all of my inventory seems pretty useless now (+20 mc equip and all that good stuff from the glorious epics). Therefore, I thought of just dumping it and starting over with a completely new char? Would it still worth it, going through all that from scratch? Can it be done, getting to 160+? Are there still people, that would help others with all that quest crap, or is it just a dead end for new players? And most importantly: Is there still a viable community for group content in the end game?

    Thanks in advance for your answers and helpful insights. (:

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    With all the stuff you get as rewards on level up from 1-150 takes a couple hours, or a day or two if you go really slowly.

    level to 20 on TI, change jobs at 20, then go first dungeon to 65, then cv to around 80 then find koala and go hm cv to 105. Then second job. Start red farm , etc and hey presto by the time you finish MC quests you're 153. Do TP quests, dotted in with vulc quests (remember to do every room and use your free gp/ss, exp is quite good against the 160 mobs) and by the time you finish the UG quests you will be 160.

    Of course it helps if you can pimp a couple levling xbows to get you to 150 (galaxy, 900+ old style ones).

    Plenty of people around at the busy times of day and DD parties. Choose a toon type that will be wanted in parties!
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