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  • Tank pet -Perfect skills-

    Hi all,

    I may have missed a previous post, so don't blow my head of instantly!

    I was wondering if someone has a good idea what skills/passives I am looking for on a "perfect" tank Mechha pet.
    I am about to burn some of these selective pots. I am trying to get it right, and not facepalm myself when I find out I missed something.
    Any thoughts would be appriciated, It is mainly intended to go on an Overlord, but also going to drag it on a Master Breeder to toy around with.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would like to know aswell what would be the best skills for a tank, Am i looking for AOE stuns or just the atk speed and str/p atk, max hp passives?


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      Some time ago, i made a detailed guide of soul pets, you can check it at

      In answer to the question, and in my opinion, best skills for a tank pet would be:

      Double Slash
      Angry Shell

      Survival Instinct
      Unity: Tortus Relic or Unity: Yeti Relic
      Selfless Defense

      Encouragement: P.Def.
      Absolute Dignity
      Feline Fortitude

      Hope you have fun with your Pet Tank.
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        1st skill doesn't matter coz u are not gonna use it its waste of dps coz of skill animation and recovery after casting skills just auto atk second skill Reflecting Shield coz what i said at 1st (gonna auto atk dont use skills its waste of dps u gonna do more damage by auto attacking ) and also gives 30% phy and magic damage redaction 3rd survival instinct tortus unity or gnoll is fine but pref tortus selfless defense feline fortitude for passive atk: p.atk and str / def: def and m.def 10/80% 16% max hp and max hp and hp rec and solid body


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          I think I am right that I look for Feline Fortitude aswell, right? Didn't see you mention it. thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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            - Double Slash and Whirlwind Kick is the same, picking any works. Just unlock lvl 1 to pull mobs with tank pet alone if needed.
            - Swap Angry Shell for Reflecting shield. It gives +30% damage resistance with a 80% chance, + it reflects some damage back. Can keep the buff permanent on pet.
            - Tortus Unity way better than Yeti Unity.
            - Mixed passives are best, meaning Pdef + Mdef, and P att and Str.
            - Forgot Survival Ins tinct for a big boost on defensive stats for both pet + player. Solid Body extra P def aint great (considering overall p def is a weak stat) and you get way more, even if for less time with survival instinct.