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    I wrote this post on the French Forum but nobody seems to have the answer, so I try here, Ô great and mighty \o/ .

    I was wondering what the stuff with Sadism brings. The description of the skill is obviously not updated. Now, it regenerates 2% du max HP/hits (If I correctly understood)

    The thing is that I like being careful. Therefore, I was wondering if 2 or 3 governor's stuffs with the skill Sadism bring:

    A- An increase of % max HP/Hits, if yes, how much?

    B- An increase of the activation rate. (Btw, what is the current activation rate?)

    C- A et B

    D- Placebo effect

    My idea is to diminish the magical power in order to improve the survival (3 slots Stuff with VIT/INT/CRITPOW). I am not very fan of the "Glass Canon" build. To make it short, I am looking for a balance.

    For the "OP" players, please, take in consideration that I am not spending a lot of money each month. My limit would be +22 everywhere (just to give you an idea of my possibilities). I do not use a lot of consumables (Hidden village, superiors stones (INT/VIT) and maybe one power critique).

    Moreover, I can understand if some people propose me to party in group, because obviously I may survive a little bit more. However, I am a casual player. Generally, When I am connected, it's because I want to play, but not in 2 hours ! I want to play within 10/15min. Now, I am doubting being able to have a full group in this duration.

    By advance, I thank you for your advice and information

    Have a good game/ bon jeu à tous

    PS: We might fusion and play together one day, so please be gentle with my level of English
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    Unless it has changed and I doubt it has, the only thing that changes with more levels of the skill Sadism is the activation rate. Which seems to increase by 10% per level and cannot activate twice from one hit after going over 100% activation rate.


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      Ok, this is quite interesting. Basically, once we reach the level 10 on Sadism, it is activated every time.