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BM Needs Boost it’s for a Friend

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  • BM Needs Boost it’s for a Friend

    BM changes

    Domestication: boost to 75%

    Savage Frenzy: toggle 60 cp,20% p.pierce, 10% P. Atk for player and pets. Switch bloody aftermath and frenzy though. So that makes frenzy the TP skill and leave aftermath as a stack skill.

    Frightful howl: change to like a beast shout aoe phy dmg to all the different types.

    Sanguine bond: boost to 35%

    Spirit link: change P. Atk to strength

    Beast disguise: change to passive that gives move spd.

    Wave cut: is kinda buggy dosnt always hit mobs and the hits are kinda laggy. So maybe make it more like shuddering flame but for duel axes.

    Soothe creature: boost to 3-4% of pets hp

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    I Agree


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      maybe trade Wave cut for thunderbolt wind cut


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        I'm afraid my expressions may be rude or hard to read, because I'm not so good at English. But please, please be patient.
        The problem with BM is that attacking skills are shared with other jobs, and trying to make BM alone can not be as strong as other jobs become too strong.
        I think it is necessary to strengthen the skills that can only use BM if you want to strengthen BM while keeping the strength of other jobs.

        Beast shockwave:The effects of stan are great, but less powerful, and not as high as Lv is better as a DD. I think it is better to increase the firing interval by increasing the power or reducing the CD.

        Anger of Spirit:Not working with a bug. Because the power is low, it is necessary to change the effect.

        Seal of Gaia:There is no place to use this skill. You should change it to attack skills.