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  • Hidden Roa,PvP,Citadel Siege, Lak System

    Well hello everybody!

    Today i would like to speak about general changes that i would like to see. Please feel free to post your opinion about it.

    Ruins of Ancient

    Back in the Days it was always fun to defend and attack a dungeon due to the possibility of owning it and getting taxes. The taxes were used to buy FB etc. for the guild members. I would like to see the Ruins Of Ancient (ROA) siege implemented.

    Also a new Hidden Roa would be great for 200+ Players because they can't go anywhere to farm besides Devildom. Entering the hidden dungeon would could be achieved by a new small boss that randomly spawns every 10 minutes (5 minute portal).

    PVP & LAK

    PvP has been left behind for quite a few years now and i would like to fight for the most populated dungeon in the game. Of course the tax rate would have to be adjusted due to high income in this dungeon.

    Also i would like to see the LAK system (or a few parts) reworked.

    In my case our Guild is owning a dungeon and is collecting the money regularly but does not bother to turn in the LAK because it simply takes too long.
    Another thing that i would like: A Guild should be able to farm in their dungeon whenever they like -> PK should be allowed in dungeons on a PK Server for the occupying forces.

    Citadel Siege

    A rework of the new siege is already needed. The Pet cards do not drop at all and i honestly think that only the scroll for vice leadership is the reason that people are going in there.

    Drop rates and rewards need to be adjusted and also the bidding times need to be adjusted to EU and US time zones.

    Maybe there should be the option to make ~12 Guilds participate and still only have the Top 5 implemented. That way everyone would have a higher chance to get into the new „epic“ somehow.

    I got a few more ideas in my head but i would like to know your opinion about these. Have a nice day


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    1. Roa Hard Mode would be nice
    2. Roa as a Siege dungeon would be nice but it requires they add Controllers.
    3. It has been requested that it's made easier to get the lak from owning a dungeon. Years have passed and nothing has been done, doubt we see any changes any time soon.
    4. Having the dungeon owner be able to pk inside dungeon is a terrible idea. It would make it so 1 player with lots of $ is able to delete a whole dungeon off the server by simply not letting one in.
    5. Citadel suggestions have been given. This one still seems restrictive. Citadel should allow ALL guilds to participate, and give better rewards to top 3-5. As it is a weekly dungeon with just 15 Death Gladiator mobs the drop rate on card and success rate on taming should be increased.


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      As for Pk in dungeons - it's over and to have the guild that owns it to be able to run players out of the dungeon may be considered harassment - even IF pk were enabled.

      As to Lak collection - GM's persuaded the Devs to increase the lak necklace to hold more lak but, in my opinion, there should have been 1 or 2 more additions. The first option should have been a button to automatically turn all lak in dungeons to rupees, by guild leader, the 2nd option (which I favored as it helped all players) was to have a Lak NPC in the lobby or stationed outside each Dungeon.

      RotA Hard mode or instanced would be great. But I disagree with Rota being a siegeable dungeon.
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      • Kenshin
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        The Lak increase on chaos stone was a scam btw. The amount it can hold got doubled, but the rupees it gives in return when exchanged is the same as back then. Meaning our lak is now worth half of what it used to.

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      ROA hard mode and instanced would be great- might finally have a chance to farm for Hector and crystal golem cards and it might bring those card prices down to something ordinary players can afford!

      Pk in dungeons- no. This is just griefing. Go fight people prepared for you in Horizon. Actually, until (if ever) they balance pvp by making standard gears and buffs for pvp so it is more even, they can delete pvp as far as I'm concerned. Interesting pvp is about skill, not who has the bigger gear and buffs or who is playing on the most OP class.

      ROA as a siege dungeon- no. Way too much income for the controlling guild meaning top players just get even richer and lower levels can't compete.

      Lak collection- yes, a conversion button would be great.

      Citadel siege- is poorly thought out and needs a complete rework. It's easily exploitable by having a twink in one area and summoning between the two areas rather than having to return and run along the paths. I'd make it one long corridor with the left side instance inserted in between the right side ones making one long chain that can't be exploited.

      As to new pet card drop rate- no one has even seen and empty drop yet from my guild.

      Rewards are lucklustre and I have no idea what the vice-leadership scroll even does as so far bought a couple of 24hr medals (not realising we had a third place medal to collect). What's it do?

      Timing of the siege needs a rework. I'd even suggest daily siege when you want to timings (rather than fixed slots) so each guild can try once a day and there is a daily leaderboard and a weekly one that resets at maintenance. And guilds that are not all in one time zone can organise for when it suits them.

      Basing the leaderboard on time to complete also needs a rework, as this will exclude many guilds from ever getting on the leaderboard once people work out how to game the siege with twinks, it just becomes who has more higher level VMs to max aoe fastest and who has most members online at siege times.
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      • Kenshin
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        The citadel feather teleport tactic is needed since the ''feature'' the citadel has doesn't work properly. When using a return scroll after finishing an area sometimes players get teleported to the spawn point at citadel camp, but sometimes it doesn't, meaning players would need to HV or scroll out to town, then go back to citadel, then go to the proper gate. This hassle is unnecessary and pointless. I don't recall needing to teleport to town mid dungeon party every 50 mobs I kill; or having to teleport to town and then back to dungeon on a regular siege.

        Not tested yet but I hope the officer appointing ticket doesn't really give guild master-like permission to everyone that gets the rank, because many people are going to be disappointed. The ticket will end up simply not getting used because the thought of giving all members the permission to do anything with guild is just insane. Would be sad to see that the only item worth getting with luciad medals won't be worth using. It's just another item that provokes drama in guilds due to the unfairness.

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      They need to make a Remains of the Ancients 2 on the other side of Sirag Ruins before making a hard mode. I'm not against hard mode either, because it would provide a way to get to 175 or 180 even.

      Also, can they make the map bigger with more places to party? Yeah, spawn reworks and all that nice stuff, but it's still packed.


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        ROA instanced would be great- finally a chance to take down Hector!

        Or another copy of it at least to ease the pressure. But really, instanced would be best.

        And hard mode would be excellent.
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