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Overlord, Iwasawa [Ger] - DD6, 6 Minutes

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  • Overlord, Iwasawa [Ger] - DD6, 6 Minutes

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    So basically what your saying is with your tag alongs, maxed out buffs and maxed out pets OL is now OP and needs a nerf?
    Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


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      eewww now we will see a lot of OL doing the same .... what a good balance this game have at classes where is the master breeder soloing s6 at 6 minutes ?


      • Flasher
        Flasher commented
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        A cheated master breeder have 4 times less damages than the overlord at a higher cost, CLASS BALANCE is just BULLSHIT !!

      • HirloRwin
        HirloRwin commented
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        on one hand :
        OL with +25 gear, and 4 slaves with +10 cards
        Pets have +25 spears and 3 yushiva belts each (dragons, devils, antics ) and necklaces.
        -> DD6 in 6min

        on other hand,
        MB solo (no oracle slave, no BM slave, no halisha nor blood auras with OL slaves).
        With +24 spear on tank and +25 spear on dps pet, and using armors and rings instead of belts and necklaces.
        -> DD6 in 28min ( )

        Please, compare the same setup when you compare classes for once
        I'd love to see a master breeder with slaves and switching stuffs too.

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      Since when can OL's look like baphos?


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        and people wonder why they cant find a party?