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  • Siege of the Citadel - Runs

    It has been a long time since "Siege of the Citadel" is up. Over time, most players realized that the rewards are not adequate to the achievements. 1st Place got only +10 more stats than 2nd place, and +20 than 3rd place. Rewards should be changed because there is not point to aim 1st place and buff urself before siege. On all servers around 3-4 guilds only enjoy the siege. Adding better rewards for 1st place, 2nd, 3rd will force people to enjoy our "New Epic 9.6". There u have Global Tabel of this week: As you see almost every "second" servers on every Rappelz is Dead. Second idea is create a global ranking and add rewards for that, so that the rivalry does not only take place between guilds on one server, but also around the globe. Speedrun of Siege would be good, of course with fine rules, there is no point to fight 8 people vs 30 people xd. We made a run of our guild, for now its probably World Best Run, so im leaving that here and i hope Nazgul or other Gamemaster can get some feedback.
    I would be quite happy to see your attempts in return.

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    Nice video, shows why some aoe's need toning down a lot.

    Also, it would be better if size of group and level were factored in when deciding who came 'first'.

    As it is, basing rewards on who has the highest levels, highest buffs and biggest +s on their cards and most players on when doing the run isn't a sound basis for 'rivalry' between guilds- the guild with the most of the aforementioned will generally come out on top once everyone gets the tactics of split team.

    Having a global 'ranking' based on the above...why?

    As it is, the rewards are pretty lame but I guess they have to be, otherwise it would just further increase the distance between the haves and the have nots.
    Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


    • Yavol
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      That distance should be in my opinion.. if we talk about global. Only on servers i think cloak should be 12,5% 1st 10% 2nd 7,5% 3rd.
      You are right with how many people should join raid, guild is guild, i dnt mean for example limit 8 ppl but 20+ should be fine.

      Still its hard find new members to guild because people who stop play rappelz they wouldn't back and for new players rappelz is kinda hard. They should merge deadly servers like Eden or servers where only 1-2 guild join siege's. Only server Mephisto look's fine

      With that aoe's toning, you have to know some of us End their gears perfectly, its not just +25 gear and let's go xd. One class is Single.. One is AoE.
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    • JustBrowsing98
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      12.5% ??? crazy power creep. Way too much, and would mean massive differences between those in the top 3 and everyone else.

      yes, the aoe is a problem when you have +25 gears, +10 perfect buff slaves and every piece under the sun running, makes them way too strong (and sadism should be removed).

      I'd like VM to be glass cannon, rather than cannon tank that sadism makes it. Make it so a tank needs to tank and if the VM pulls aggro it dies- then it's no longer unload everything and don't care, might have to use some skill.

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    Should also make it into an instanced dungeon and allow us to do it any time as well as a time attack competition every saturdays, some variation to the game is needed since DD is freaking boring already would be nice to have the option to do this as a dp and give it also stage levels to compete with the exp from DD. It can't be that hard to release some more content to this game that is playable for all??


    • JustBrowsing98
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      Totally agree should be runnable any time and instanced!

    • Yavol
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      It would be good, maybe not better exp, but the same like on stage 6 devil if they add same level for "Siege instance", but if they wanna make it, they have to create a new Place, because Siege of the Citadel right now is for everyone, its place like Horizon or other Town. Of course they have to figure New Card boss or give same effect like Reviac for Skeleton, but its only 1 boss so... If it have to work, they have to change many things.Everything depends what they add to drop and how many experience u will get.

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    You have set a great time. Unfortunately, I think it's a pity that your video was cut so that you do not show the people and the GMS how it came about.
    To cover the whole here are some facts.
    3-6 people and a time of 9-11 min HOW ????
    The people who set up such times on the citadel have a twink char behind every portal to which the group portages itself.
    Thus, one does not need two parties, which divide themselves on the individual ranges (academy and citadel)!
    Thus, you save the annoying running back and forth between the Academy and the citadel!
    @GMS: But is this wanted? Is not written in the description that the guild should split into two teams?

    When I read about Epic 9.6, I assumed that your goal was to bring the guilds together.
    I think it would be nice to turn off feathers in / out / to the citadel.

    Ps: because of the feathers everybody can feather during a run and the other guild PK and or the mobs kill and drop steal (already happened to us)
    I would like one of the GMs to log in as invisible during the Citadel and watch the spectacle to see if this is what they wanted.

    Please make the Citadel heavier so this presents a challenge
    THX at Google J


    • JustBrowsing98
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      They used split team plus extremely high level toons with maxed out buffs (+10, +24 helms on slaves, etc ). Maxed out and AOE's wipe the enemies in seconds so then it's just a matter of porting between the two areas and waiting for the next portal to open up.

      Maybe an idea would be to scale it against the average level in the party attacking it (or be able to select mob levels?) to make it more of a challenge for the 1% whilst still making it possible to do for the more average players.

      Another problem, as ever, is that a real tank has no self heal and block caps out way too low for the damage incoming and these mobs hit hard whereas a glass cannon has the best heal in the game and can ignore all the damage as sadism out heals it easily.

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      In the first place, the auction system should be changed or at least adapted to other servers. For example, on the Serafin, we bid up to 2 in the night of Polish time. Not everyone has the option to wait until this hour, and anyone can outbid for fun.The prizes are also not appropriate. Here can be something added.

      I would even write that I would prefer the citadel to be held once a month and the medal and coat lasted 28 days.But this is just my opinion.


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        Guild and Player rankings should be global.

        AH should be global too or at least between EU and US servers.

        For the US the Unicorn server is kind of low, Globalizing the Auction House would probably see an uptick in their population especially for people who simply just like farming.