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Epic 9.6 Wave 2 Class Balance Feedback.

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  • Epic 9.6 Wave 2 Class Balance Feedback.

    It has been a week now since the second wave of the class balancing for Epic 9.6 was implemented. Compared to the previous batch his one was a very different beast entirely with the complete rework of the Cardinal and War Kahuna along with a large boost to the Mercenary and adjustments to the Slayer, Corruptor, Void Mage and Magus.

    Since people have now had the opportunity to get hands on with the changes, I would again like to gather feedback from players.

    What do you like about the changes? What do you dislike? Is there something that is too powerful now, or are there things which need further attention? Do you have ideas about what you would like to see worked on in the future?

    I hope, that players can see that previous feedback was listened to, and will once again give feedback to be acted upon again. Thank you.

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    Vitality/Strength Support and Boost - They are nice buffs,
    but they are outdated they all need to be changed for % to be more effective .

    Divine Claw - Basic attacks have a chance to deal 100 % to deal 340 additional damage. So this skill its very useless , this should be changed for chance to do double hit % , that way would be very usefull.

    Mind Mauler - Gives the mind maul effect for 10 seconds ( m.def - 10 % ) this would be good if was ( p.def - 10 % )

    Potency - Increase p.atk of your creatures by a % of creature max hp . Well this is a very good passive , sadly need to be reworked each piece only gives you 1.50 % its too poor, need to be increased .

    Critical Ressonance - This gives a chance to increase m.atk and critical rate for 10 seconds . Well need to change the critical rate and replace it for critical power to be usefull.

    Flash - Gives the accuracy degrade effect for 15 seconds, useless also. Would like to be changed for something usefull like a dot or even a slow ability .

    Acid Spray - Deals 791 earth lasting damage every 3 seconds p.def and m.def % , this should be reworked cause the dot dont do any damage at all .

    This is what i feel about mb , hope what helps .


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      At the Master Breeder Mind Mauler must give a % Critical power and m atk by a %

      The acid strpay should be a strong dot also.


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        finally slayer is playable again and is acctually real fun but
        - envenom still not fixed
        - dirk slayer is useless you need to go swords id love to see something that makes both viable choices it used to be that dirk slayer was tankier and sword slayer higher dps
        -smoke bomb seriously needs some attention
        god thats a real power class now well done
        same thing a class viable
        ty for finally giving sadism a nerf i wish it would get changed as a skill but atleast a decent nerf to the most op ability in game
        good changes but i think magus needs more the dmg is still not at a point where its an acctual mage class
        no idea havent played wk ever and wont
        also not sure i guess it got buffed
        decent changes but cardi still needs a big damage boost aoe ab is really a good change

        overall the best class balance patch can we keep this lvl of changes to have hope for the classes that still need tweeking and changes?


        • (QA)Tharja
          (QA)Tharja commented
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          The QA team would like there to be a benefit to using dirks, but for there also to be good reasons to use swords on the Slayer. As of yet, we just aren't sure how to achieve this though...

        • RageOfWar
          RageOfWar commented
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          well fixing envenom and enabling it to acctually use all matk instead of base matk would be good but i acctually would like to see a matk mod on shadowforged maybe so you choose to take the tank route

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        Damage is great, aoes are way better now and shorter CDs so makes them useful again in parties.

        Thicket armor I have a feeling isn’t working 100% cause I have 50k p def and it feels like I’m getting hit the same as classes with lower p def than me.

        The hp buff was much needed but I still feel that the hp is a little on the low side. In s6 aoes from mobs can almost one shot a WK hp pool for me is around 125-135k depending on what pieces I pop.

        The recks are so much nicer now and don’t kill you if you pop them but still drain a little hp. So those are good and the CDs aren’t to bad either.

        Spinning blow and blasting rock cut need animation reworked. They take a long time to use so that can get annoying. Also to much atk spd makes it hard to cast skills and needs to be looked at.

        All in all Warhuna is looking like a nice dd class but I think for being mainly melee it needs an hp boost nothing crazy but enough so it can hold its own while in the middle of the fighting.

        Thank you


        • (QA)Tharja
          (QA)Tharja commented
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          I might be wrong, but I don't think it is possible to speed up the animations for Blasting Rock Cut or Spinning Blow. I have asked about Apocalypse, Shield Smash and Shield Blow since they are all long animations but so far it hasn't been possible to improve them.

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        Mercenary seems a little OP aoe wise, but otherwise Ok. That's a second hand observation watching our merc tank in dd.

        Templar feels a little lacklustre and the aoe skills could all do with a boost plus slightly higher effects: 3.5% pdef reduction isn't really doing anything much!

        Separate posting on QoL improvements Templar could do with will be posted- it's quite a fiddly class as buffs etc don't last very long and switching out of RP armor to rebuff every ten minutes means your HP drops hugely (and can't summon really in middle of fights)...
        Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


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          For Master Breeder:
          -Needs a way to apply Impact to groups of monsters. I think they should give Breeder/Soul Breeder access to 10 or 20 levels of this nice new Shining Cross.
          -I know it sounds strange, but I really think Breeder/Master Breeder needs Earth Spear. If there was one thing they've always wanted, it was a stun.
          -The activation rates of it's Mind Maul, and Critical Resonance need to be increased.
          -Mind Maul should do PDef and MDef.%
          -Critical Resonance should be Crit Power rather than Crit Rate. This will go along nicely with the new passive Holy Link. It's duration needs to be increased. Mercenary's Reckless Vivacity duration is done perfectly if you need a reference.
          -Give a slight boost to Primal Concentration by Skill Level*3 per level.
          -Acid Spray's damage needs to be reworked, it's still a nice debuff now from what it used to be.
          -No one uses Trait Mastery over Boost skills. Maybe you can allow the buff to be used simultaneously with Boost skills, but eliminate the Stat buffs and increase PAtk/MAtk/Pdef/MDef by Skill Level*2% per level.
          -No one uses Empowering Scent toggle over the Support toggles. Change it so this can be used increase Str/Vit/Int/Dex/Agi/Wis by Skill Level*2% per level, and give them a reason to switch over or allow it to be used simultaneously with 1 support toggle.
          -More levels to Creature Healing.
          -While I love the addition to Bestial Cry getting pierce, I really think you need to convert the attack speed buff to a percentage. I can't think of a reasonable number, but i think a fixed 80 attack speed boost is not very good.
          -Grim Desire is great, but the duration is way too short and health has to be really low for it to activate. Maybe it should activate when a monster is below 50% health instead of whatever it is now. Give it a duration of like 15-20 seconds.

          For Cardinal:
          -Acid Swamp's damage and duration is underwhelming.
          -The damage and duration on Frozen Snare is not really worth using. I've tried using it, but at 3 seconds compared to Shackle of the Ground's damage and duration of 8 seconds (they used to have the same duration) I don't even use it anymore.
          -Acid Spray's damage needs to be reworked, it's still a nice debuff now from what it used to be.
          -Brisk Reprisal needs a longer duration, and it's activation rate seems poor. Pulling and wiping out entire rooms I've seen 1 stack, 2 if I'm lucky. Mercenary's Reckless Vivacity duration is done perfectly if you need a reference.

          For Holy Warrior:
          -Please rework Divine Cluster. Essence of Fire seems like a good reference.Maybe the skill could be reworked altogether to increase Skill damage by a percentage. Something modest like Skill Level*0.8% per level, with a skill card increase of Skill Level*0.2% skill damage per level.
          -I also made a suggestion in the last feed back thread that Holy warrior getting a double attack skill, with soldier, not Mercenary, getting an increased level, only to be used by 1h sword, mace, axe or Dual swords. 3 levels for holy warrior, and an additional 3 levels for Soldier. Something along the lines of Skill Level*5% per level would be 30%? and if you had +24 helmet, DT, and belt, it would be only be 55% for a Mercenary max, and 40% for a Templar. There would be an increased change with +25 gloves as well, however I can't remember what the bonus is for that. Skill Card bonus could be Skill Level*1% per level. You can mess with those numbers however you wish.

          For Templar:
          Aggression values on Physical/Soul Breaker and Shield Blow need to be increased to fight off Mercenaries using Defensive Stance.

          For Kahuna:
          While I don't mind the changes for Fireshield, I think it needs to be increased. I noticed some loss of pdef because of the change to Thicket Armor. Overall, it's fine though. I was really wishing my War Kahuna would get some more HP though. War Kahuna is missing 5 levels of Shuddering Flame according to the patch notes. Unless it was supposed to be that way, then cool.

          More of a question than feed back; does Defensive Stance, as well as the other new active skills have skill cards and added to the pool for power of change? Are the new passive skills added to the pool for power of change?
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          • Imposter
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            Thanks for reading Tharja.

          • Hunter
            Hunter commented
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            MB. I use Trait. I use Creature Healing very rare, Mass Soothing gives 15 k / tick, when I need heal more, i use Creature Restoration.

          • HirloRwin
            HirloRwin commented
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            "-While I love the addition to Bestial Cry getting pierce, I really think you need to convert the attack speed buff to a percentage. I can't think of a reasonable number, but i think a fixed 80 attack speed boost is not very good."

            I disagree with that.
            The fixed value is boosted by the other buffs (the 80% from weapon mastery, the 35% from HV buff, the 22% from VM buff). Thats 190 in the end.
            Percentage buffs needs to have a base value high enough.

            Regarding MB heals, they just need the same adaptation oracle/cardinal heals got : add a percentage of max HP in the formula !

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          Hello everybody! Today i want to share my thoughts on the Slayer update that we got.

          Bloody Blade: Has been corrected in the right direction but maybe overshot a bit.

          (full frags + Bag) =1,2 – 1,5 million Heal with +24/+23 Swords. → Even on lower equipped Players and without bag it still seems like it can need a adjustment.

          Recommendation → 6 – 6,5%

          Apocalypse: Deals fair damage now for farming but is still useless in a DP in my opinion. I deal more damage on a single target in the time when the skill runs trough. I love the fact that its animation time has been reduced though.

          Recommendation → Let it this way or buff the damage a little bit to make the skill more viable for Dungeon Parties.

          Gloom Aura: Finally the cool down has been lowered! Perfect.

          Recommendation → Double the range so we can actually pull and affect mobs with it.

          Shadow forged Plating: I'm fine with the changes with that skill. You actually loose about half of the damage but can tank something. It's fair and helps you not loosing money on bottles. I Actually like the skill now. The only fact that i dislike: it turns of once you die and then you're low hp when u turn it on again. It would be great if it also jumps from lvl 9 to 8 when the DT buff is gone.

          Recommendation → Add Skill cards. Change that the SFP automatically turns off the Oblivion buff.

          Phase Blades: Pretty good if you ask me. Damage is alright again and you can reach 100% if you really want to.

          Recommendation: Perfect. Don't do anything

          Pact With Darkness: The HP Increase was needed badly because nobody could tank a thing anymore without the SFP. The Evasion helps getting into the „Offtank“ role that we were given.

          Recommendation: Perfect. Don't do anything

          Hellstorm: A good change that helps even more when playing as tank. You deal more damage on more targets and can keep the aggro easily.

          Recommendation: Perfect. Don't do anything

          Phantasm: i'm fine with the duration and with the damage. The skill is worth using now.

          Recommendation: Perfect. Don't do anything

          Overall a really good update! Good job everyone who worked on it. I can finally enjoy the game again and have new ways to play my class. Well done!
          -> Check me out on Youtube


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            Magus is great and this is coming from someone who played magus when they were at their worst but i honestly feel like Root of mother nature should have a longer debuff timer like maybe 2 or 3 seconds add and please just make Bleak squall 0.5 CD again please but other than that magus is a very good DD and i love it.
            Thanks and hope you guys take this in consideration


            • TheBlackWolf
              TheBlackWolf commented
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              Magus meta now days is Mace or Axe ?

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            I only glanced at my Huna but I didn't notice anything good. I'll take another look (eventually). Merc is different but playable in general. Liked things the old way. :P


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              i happy on corruptor changes.need 1 changes on Vengeful Spirit need more Damage


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                Cardinal Feedback:

                Generally it nice that there is finally a spell that can apply Vortex magic in a AoE manner, this combined with all the AoE damage increase significantly boosts their AoE capabilities compared to before, very well done on that.

                A list of things that can still be improved on.

                Brisk Reprisal barely activates, and the buff is a fixed amount, it should be change to % and have more stacks.

                Frozen Snare M.atk ratio is bugged and should be fixed.

                Snow slide needs a fixed CD as with 2 snowslide gears you can get it 0cd.

                Should give a reason to spend a TP into Refreshing Triumph and Celestial Protection to offer more diversity and builds for Cardinal, right now its just Vortex magic only.

                As for Master breeder it only got 2 things changed on it, does that indicate that there will be pet rebalance soon? As most of their power comes from pets and therefore they are being holdback on changes on the class. It would be nice to update pets now since all classes have received an update.


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                  I think the nerf from sadism was a little too hard. The slayer can now easy make S6 solo again, the voidmage can't.
                  In my opinion the slayer ist now the best DD, not the voidmage.


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                    Part of Corr's nerf on vampirism was undone, which is good, but my Corr still lags waaay behind my VM - my VM which is lower level and undergeared compared to my Corr still clears Rota rooms faster, even though sadism took a good hit.

                    Changes to strengh of darkness and shield of nightmare were nice and very welcome, but some extra love is deserved, specially on SoD.

                    Corpse mine is still useless... in the heat of the battle it is not easy to click a dead mob and cast it. When I get it done all the mobs around are already dead. It is definitely not worth the trouble damage wise, and probably not also debuff wise. My suggestion would be to allow casting it while the mob is alive, and then when it dies the effects happen to the other mobs (or even better: it should work with auto target).

                    Fear trap and nightmare nerf would be ok if only PvP is considered, but on PvE it means Corrs get worse in crowd controlling which should actually be their specialty.

                    Shadow atrophia finally seems to be useful! Very well done.

                    For undying terror I did not notice any difference. I tested only with 2 pieces though, and as far as I remember I was still often getting nightmared by Lunacy long ago, before the changes.

                    This is all about the changes, but I would like to remind that Corrs still have many useless skills. Corruption, for example, was recently boosted but it's still crap nonetheless.


                    • Vingador
                      Vingador commented
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                      For what i saw at my corr , we still to weak at aoe damage , increase occ passive and the str of darkness gives a lot more m.atk but still not enough to be at a good spot in terms of aoe . VS isnt a amazing thing atm, they need to rework this to make corr good again, i dont even loose time playing my corr 207 anymore , my full reviac occ set its just sitting at wh .

                    • PrinnyOverlord
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                      Lunacy's nightmare is magic based but undying terror only works against physical based sleeps, stuns or fears. The set worked well if you were farming for the 160 jewel sets to sell.

                    • Dainnah
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                      BTW, shield of nightmare duration should be increased to be the same as strength of darkness. I don't see reason to increase strength duration and keep shield the same.

                      I would go further and say that I would appreciate a duration increase on skins as well. It is so damn boring to rebuff every 5 minutes...

                      And yeah, I agree, corruptor still lacks fire power. Vingador's suggestion to rework vengeful spirit could be a way to improve it.

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                    Do we know if OL's melee skills will get a damage buff? 'Cause they kinda pale in comparison with the recent strider's skills buff.