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STOP having log in events!!!

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  • STOP having log in events!!!

    As expected, this being a log in your 30+ accounts and go afk event, the server cannot cope and we're dropping out.

    Makes it kind of hard to collect the hourly coins when you d/c randomly. It's also making it hard to have my slaves logged in- I'm playing a game of constantly relogging rather than playing so they are up and I can get a full set of buffs...

    Please webzen, just stop the log in part of future events (and this one) and up the drop rate of coins from actually killing things instead.

    And it's only a Tuesday not even US prime time, don't think the server will stay up long this weekend.

    Please learn from previous events and don't have log in events!!!!
    Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.

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    I do recall Webzen saying they were not going to do log in events as much anymore but maybe that went the way of WWE (you are the authority now)